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A Gateway to health for your Energy Body and Physical body. Please click on Menu top right 3 or 4 lines you see for more!The site is tailored for students, workshops and performances so if totally new to shamanic Tantra/healings visit FAQ and blog for info and pictures since the world is into selfies and more importantly the PODCAST link plus starting February 4th monthly subscription tutorials and teachings.  Cost of subscription will be $15 a month with part of that going to a charity or cause for each season. With proof provided and uploaded. This way I get to pay it forward. So 4 great organizations/causes will receive some attention as I also get to raise awareness about things we normally do not discuss in healthy ways. 

  TY for visiting,browse our non massage offerings as well. much love however...I am indeed a knowledge filled White Rabbit of Cosmic proportions and if you need to see nude pictures and don't have time to read or even browse. let's be are not looking for Traditional tantra and this is NOT for you. 
I do Traditional Tantra and regular sex is not my path so you would be wasting your time.
Tantra is 10% sex Don't believe the watered down hype. That be urban tantra or post neo tantra ahhhhh didn't know there were many? Well you already learned something then. 
These are all Shamanic all natural You are the drug! Energy based all except for Tai Chi are offered with healing hands or Touchless. All authentic. You will journey 

THE Tantric Journey 

You can design your own with me if you want to work on something specific from Intro to altered state all natural psychonaught advanced. 
I work scale Down which is rare in America but the more you do in terms of techniques and flow the more I enjoy and get to do my advanced work so 2nd and 3rd journeys go scale down but ya gotta step it up. In Tantra it is about true pairing. 
*****Info on journey******Mind you in the most promiscuous society we are a collective of judgemental prudes. So yes! I advertise all over to allYa know why? Because Tantra is not just for one group. Nor do you have to be a devotee like me, but anyone can benefit from it. 

I welcome women, men and couples.
I travel due to care for eyes (neuroopthamologist) and to teach workshops on Tantra and Shamanism so feel free to keep up with any tour dates. 

On that note; serious inquiries only and absolute gentlemen only desiring true tantra and a shamanic experience. 
Now onto the fun part! 
Most of us don’t get the touch  all humans need. Our lives are stressful and although instant gratification can give you a temporary fix the fullfilling healing and true connection even in conversation  is not there and only leaves you lacking, drained and searching.  We live in our heads and disconnect from our bodies. We beome slaves to so many things we create, time/ cell phones, media but it doesn’t have to be that way. 
True Tantra is not about holding it or slow anything. There are many branches of tantra and 3 main roots don't fall for disinformation. The tantric massage is about worshipping life, cultivating energy and sending it throughout the body. Using the life force energy for rejuvination, , increasing connection to self, owning the mind not being a slave to it, breathing and through the breath flowing and expanding ~ not panting and wasting energy, 
I will guide you  with tenderness and love, honoring the fact that you are Alive and here!! Guiding you into a deeper sense of fulfillment, connection and bliss. From here deep healing may occur.

For me the tantric massage allows me to express my empathy, my passion and my sensitivity through my hands and my conscious touch. Conscious sensual touch is about touching with presence and experiencing the other. Not touching just to miss the whole thing due to a busy mind thinking about everything BUT the experience.  
My journeys are about I meeting you exactly where you are at on your moment in life without judgement, and I take you deeper and higher, gently and lovingly and with absolute acceptance of who you are
No performing or imitation, no limiting expectations. 
Each journey  is unique to each person’s needs and wants:  it can be playful and fun, as well as deep, inspiring and shamanic psychonaught trance advanced tantric alchemy. 

  Am very much into raising good energy and awareness about true taoist and Egyptian tantra as well as Hawaiian lomi lomi healing hands just not into low vibes, time wasters, low intellect or non golden rule followers.  Aside from that I adore the sacred masculine energy Divine feminine energy and connections made. Soaked in good energy vibes. 

Remember if you wish to explore more. Altered state Trance Healing wise,
Am open to Advanced Tantrics and advanced journeys but a call is a must for all  journeys so we can discuss. 
Be a good human. 
And expand your perspective into limitless possibilities. True active zen. 
Evolving humans. 
  GENTLEMEN & Ladies ONLY. I love connection but have no problem leaving money on the table if I do not get respect, good manbers and a good feel for you.   I  am selective. I also can not fake a vibe. If We don't vibe please take it with love and compassion because I have no problem setting boundaries and letting you know exactly where you stand. 

Good vibes only. Open mind open heart This little guru has piercings, ink and curves deal with it. Surrender Receive and Be Happy!

Much love 

Bringing the old sacred teachings into the new with as much integrity as possible. Learning through experience is why for example,  the Tantric Journey is not for everyone. The Tantric Journey is for the brave and wild at heart. You must surrender to the experience and be a co-pilot of great caliber in courage. It takes strength to let go and immerse yourself in a new experience and there is great control in surrender. 
 However by combining healing arts, energy manipulation, pranayama (energy control breathing), laying of hands, conscious sensory practices we arrive at a state of Beingness.
 Do you know that amazing "runner's high", the zone, dream time body repair work & restoration, that creative flow that is sought after at different times or all the time by many? 

 We tap into this in our journeys. Mindfulness and presence, true BeingNess without the titles, names, personalities people play, true BeingNess in a nurturing, judgement free environment. By doing so we journey through the experience of feeling the energy body, allowing yourself to be and exploring your own healing abilities and your  energy in a liberated manner that not only clears energy center blockages, emotional blocks and physical aches and pains but also unites you with the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine within. 

 For we are all miracles even if all we are once we remove titles and position, is just a breath and Energy. 

To make a bold True statement since "tantra" is a big craze right now.  Being in a commercialism fish tank of sharks I just say. Be very very Aware.  
 Tantra is not Sex but Life can be Tantric. 
Tan the root means expansion. Tantra in translation means loom as in loom for weaving. Loom in the Cosmic web of life. So you expand in awareness accepting that you are almost insignificantly just a point of perspective in a vast cosmic web of existence and the whole web of the cosmos itself. 

There are many "root" schools of Tantra. Many branches off of those. Just like Christanity and other belief systems/ religions/ philosophical practices. No different. 
But to say or diminish Tantra to eye gazing and slow sex is sorry, but beyond ridiculous. Just saying. 

Life can be tantric and the Tantric path is not one you have to adapt or convert to but in your Tantric Journey you will find that you miss so much of your day by not being present and you realize how so many ~ perhaps even you ~ are navigating through life "coping", while there are other ways of truly living in a sexually and mentally liberated manner. 
Some come to it for overcoming Trauma, PTSD, bullying etc. Any reason need not be looked at as being irresponsible, judged or a cause of guilt and shame brought on by social, ancestral, cultural situations and background but instead a celebration of You being the Life Experience itself.
 Learn through self acceptance,  self love and devotion for simply Being.
I offer and at times work with others that assist in offering: Tantric Journeys with the solid understanding of no sex, sad to whip a note horse to death, but again true Tantra even as a devotee/ life student, is 10% sex in all honesty.  Haha and ya gotta get through the other 90. 
In 2020 am going back to working with my goddesses but till about end of February the Sacred Masculines can enjoy the Tantric journey as well as they are slowly faded out. 
Also offered are~
Couples Tantra workshops Shamanic classesTantric Path instruction group workshopsas well as Workshops at Tantra and Transformation Festivals. 
It is a most beautiful thing to experience life not clouded by fear and need or self judgement and to see how beautiful what you are in a position the universe to receive truly is. 

All other offerings are strictly Shamanic. Incorporating Nagual, Yoruba, Lakota, Daoist, traditional Chinese medicine, gnostic and the alchemy of breath. 
Doing plant medicine and assisted journeys is great. I have worked with Iboga, Ayahuasca, blue lotus, trumpets, hape, sananga,   micro dosed,  frog medicine just to name a few but to reach
 Altered states naturally 
is the true deep essence shamanic way. 
To learn to navigate in the altered state so that you can navigate better in the  Maya/illusion. This is the big show ....your life. 
All that being said~Gratitude 
Choose you journey wisely based on what you resonate with, buckle upOpen heartOpen MindLet go
And especially Enjoy the journey 
Of your lifeThe greatest show on Earth !!!!!



Goddess Kali walks with you through your shadow lands and helps you heal and love all that IS you.
The Introduction Journey is 250

A 90 minute Journey. I describe it as a journey because it does take you places. Combining sacred practices, Nuru can be included however not for intro PTSD or Trauma copilots, sound and aromatherapy it is a Pressure point targeted Massage Not a "Wank and Tug", a Guided meditation into a most powerful emotional, fire release, pelvic or Full body wave. You may experience the full body wave,  feel fire under skin~ the heat of that faster vibrating energy body, an emotional release and much more. Each individual person has had their own unique experience. In the journey you are the co-pilot through breath (minimum 6 breath techniques taught), so surrendering to practicing the great techniques of one of my teachers Mantak Chia for example, which seems easy but is not for many because most do not even live in control of their mind as a tool. Most are slaves to the mind. Most people can not control their minds and emotions let alone their energy~ sexual or otherwise. Conscious living is not easy in our fast paced society. Please keep in mind this IS traditional white Tantra and due to the prude yet hook up culture society I do advertise in many sites but not a wank n tug. And I am not going to fight you to offer this, you have to breathe (which some complain about and in that case if breathing is too much to ask of you then this journey is not for you) and you have to accept not being judged. If the co-pilot is great the journey can be limitless.


Natural Healing

Just like the average man doesn't have time to sit in a cave so don't my couples. Couples today lead much more pressured lives. Grant it hunting and farming were no easy tasks but in those days a whole tribe was behind you. Now couples have children, two jobs, little family or are helping their senior baby boomers and are at a loss for sexy times let alone deep intimacy.

A threesome always seems like a brilliant idea but the circumstances and emotional intelligence levels need to be spot on for that to truly benefit a relationship of just two.

A couples Triad Tantra workshop brings in the presence of a third person but with the goddess of the couple in mind. I teach her to do a Tantric Journey massage on her partner and the sacred masculine learns as well how to take his lover on a Tantric Journey. All respect and tone is truly set by the goddess of the couple and her comfort level. We also go over conscious sensuality, the quickie fixes physical/mental/emotional which later can prevent unnecessary escalation of things due to lack of even being present and we play.

Learning through play is not just for kids. It is great to read about a technique or to be shown something in a stuff classroom setting or even in a large retreat but to play in a small group with things included for the couples needs, likes and desires makes the Tantric Journey one of pleasure, knowledge gathering and new exploration which all relationships need. Keep the fire lot without adding elements some are not ready for.
In essence it adds the sensuality and sultry vibes because it is more than two individuals but in a way that benfits not threatens. Plus with the added Tantric surrender, techniques and nurturing environment for your relationship to grow and keep growing and blooming.


Shaman rises Classes sliding scale down 

The Shamanic Tantra classes  will start off with Shamanism and each Module will cover the different branches of Tantra and the final alchemy Tantra Shamanism. 
Side modules are offered separately as well depending on your past history, studies, abilities. 
 Module 1Breath module 1
Body work and the Sacred Energy Centers /Chakras 
Journey into self
Then intro to elemental workThe elemental body
Plant energy intro
Plant energy navigation    
   Commune with and learning to journey with the plant energySo that you may use it for healing yourself and others 

White tantra intro

Module 2
Animal spirit intro 
Power animals 
Mayan navigation of animal web
Merge and learn to journey with animal energy
***For healing or connecting with said energy for your intended purpose for good for yourself and all

Red tantra intro this is a class not SeX ! Capice?!

Vision Quest 
Then once able to connect with the necessary skills and tools aquiered we zone in and have ourselves a good old Vision Quest.*****Native Indian style 


Module 3
Once there we have the individual's journey pretty much under a telescope and your unseen gifts or that which you knew you had but needed confirmation, of will shine so bright! We then go deeper. 
Black Tantra Intro and Protection from it

Now like school
We proceed with individualPerson by person higher Activations of the strongest first 

For the Seer
Side modules: Remote viewingLucid dreaming navigation Readings
Third eye Intensive 

Spirit Walker
 Side modules in Spiritualism
House and energy clearing 
Calling on your elders 

____________________Shape shifter
Animal connections for those that already have a distinct ability with our brothers and sisters in the Animal kingdom

Breathe Module 4
Higher chakra Energy body
Magic ritual work 
To a final Tantric Alchemy
 Advanced tantra intro

A shaman teaches you to heal yourself as a Warrior,  healer, magician and Lover. 
It is not for The weak or frustrated If you come to tantra or shamanism to avoid something You will bedisappointed.  Energy cannot be destroyed it Is You who must TRANSFORM IT. 
Without the WORK No plant medicine Frog medicine or anything you snort or put up your ass in the most exotic jungle will work. 
Don't believe the lies. And a True Shaman does not need plant medicine to see what others don't and will tell you if they have experience working with a plant or spirit energy. 
Be selective as you can open up things a novice charlatan is unable to work with. 

The pricing of these varies between individual Group Online *****So a Dialogue/ Conversation is a must of course. 

Shamanic way respected passed on knowledge is not meant for all so limited number of Students accepted. May through Aug in Reno Tahoe area in person. 
After Sept only in winter off grid location. 


Healing the Divine Feminine Yoni and Mayan Womb Massage 90 minutes $250

The Yoni is the womb, the entire flower , ovaries, portal of creation womb and all. Even with a hysterectomy a woman still has her portal of creation. In this area there are hundreds of nerve endings that hold memories/trauma and so much more. Just like muscle memory. Women with a rape experience, suppressed sexual energy, childhood abuse, manipulation abuse, miscarriage, fertility problems and more can benefit from this. Here again due to cultural or ancestral baggage we explore the comfort level of the goddess and the needs and outcome she wants to achieve. For some women it can be a blockage in energy centers caused by various things and just a need for more sexual expression, release and liberation. For others it can be healing needed after various relationships where bad energy was exchanged and dumped in her (many times unintentionally as so many of our sacred masculine are tiered/hurt and in need of healing as well).Another woman may simply need care and indigenous Mayan Womb Massage along with the Yoni Massage to heal a miscarriage, loss or fertility issue. Being that our physical organs, bodies are directly affected by emotional/nervous system and soul health. And yet for others it is a Goddess day, a treat they are giving themselves solo or have their partner present as supportive energy and love. Also many hubby and boyfriends go home with fantastic knowledge and techniques on how to be more emotionally intimate with their Goddess. Basically all is healing especially pleasure, happiness, liberation and laughter. So a consultation is always a must to define the direction of the journey as well. Healing/ couple fun/ Goddess day/overcoming obstacles etc. This does include the guided meditation structure with aromatherapy, sound therapy, sensation play, awareness and mindfulness increased, pranayama, controlled breathing techniques from shamanic teachings as well as ancient Taoist and amazing oils and lotions. Basically if you get a Massage regularly this will make it seem like a Massage day on steroids. Not even I look at regular massages the same because of the total vibe not just of pampering but of one goddess worshipping and healing another as was custom and not taboo. In today's world one goddess honoring and worshipping her sister is seen as dirty or this or that and women have been divided so much and weakened based on nothing that this is not only a pleasure or indulgence, it is actually very much needed for the Divine Feminine to rise and support a tiered Sacred Masculine and her tiered and divided sisters. This includes the Mayan womb massage which can be for your specific intended purpose: be it Fertility, menopause, reducing painful periods, endometriosis, tipped uterus and more. The Mayan womb massage, yoni massage and yoni steam are not new in women's self care. These are ancient techniques that women today need more than ever. 

Quick added info to ease any discomfort about believing you have to be gay lesbian to enjoy this because you actually do not. 

So what is a female to female or yoni tantric massage?

It seems the earliest record of lesbian tantra dates back to the 5th Century AD. It is described as the a ritual by which you liberate or separate the two aspects of consciousness and female divine body. These days I’ve seen it referred to as a Yoni massage in some places. Modern tantricas say it is a massage that stimulates total undoubted release of the body and mind between a female masseuse, and her female client.

So let’s be clear here.. this is a tantric massage given to one female, by another female. The emphasis being on the physical, mental and spiritual connection between the two goddesses. US.

 We live in a world with so many variations of sexual preference, so it’s not unusual to change sexual preference, or at least try new things to see if they work for you. Many ladies who have female tantric massages are not lesbians, or may not even consider themselves bisexual at all. It seems that girls tend to be more sexually adventurous with their own gender than men are.

I think what’s important here is that no matter what your sexual classification, a female tantric massage is something many women get satisfaction from, and have the right to do so. It’s your particular sexual desire, and you should feel free to explore it in whichever environment you deem fit. Many of us are highly stressed, over worked women who need a little private release in our lives. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

If your own inner sexual desire is curiously looking into female tantric massage, then it’s safe to say theres a subconscious interest there. We very rarely dislike the things we crave passionately, after all, if you like the idea of it, you will probably love the real physical and erotically enchanting touch of another female.

If you would like to find out more about potentially booking a female tantric massage session feel free to reach out and enjoy the connection we already have. 


An Ancient Science

Can be done: In person outdoors by beach or  indoors. via internet call or chatOr recorded, saved and shared Cost is $30 per guided meditationAfter 20 years of my own personal meditation practice I can share with you that meditation has been so key in my total life experience. I meditate to heal, to focus, to explore emotions and in awareness decide if they serve me or not, I have done up to 20 hour cycles of meditation and for a long long time did 6 hours a day and lots of yoga nidra (yogic sleep) but now am moved on from that and practice as well as teach more active meditation. This active meditation helps overflow that awareness and presence into daily life without thoughts of "I have to meditate" or "I should be mindful more, my mind is racing all day" because you become more mindful, period. Practicing meditation is great but when it carries on from your meditation mat or chair into daily life without you even planning it, is what really is special. To live in a meditative state, in a mindful state, in the moment is what is truly juicy. The guided meditations guide you intoJourneys with spirit animalsGuardiansConnection to higher selfHealing journeysChakra balancingShiva Shakti balance of the sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine Goal oriented business or sports, competition event journeysElementalSelf healingAnd so much moreEach can be different and normally last one hour
Great for buying in a package 


The psychedelic experience without the psychedelics non massage service. Updating all including Journeys so all flows with our larger vision coming to life now. 

A journey into the true power of self and breath. A combination of shamanic, egyptian and Taoist Tantric breath and indigenous Nagual techniques as a facilitator and  giving you a true Shamanic journey. Due to temple project this is only available for those with  prior Tantric Journey or breath practice is required as well as a small chat beforehand. The experience will take you far and allowing yourself some time to process it. Be prepared to do a lot of breathwork. Intense journey we begin and end with guided meditation. This is best to do with a guide. Going tribal and back into your true nature. 


Strap in we are going places (non massage offering)

A beautiful journey of self healing. Each journey is customised to each individual desired outcome, intent and personality, experience and situation. In Past life we journey through Shamanic breath and different techniques to get you into a brave walk with Kali to revisit shadowlands, past lives or past trauma and bring in the inner healer. Due to nature of breathwork and design of journey a chat prior is required. 


Natural Healing

This allows time for the Guided Meditation and connection along with much more intense Psychonaught traveling breathwork plus the amazing Tantric Journey. The psychelic experience without the psychedelics And while in altered state. 


For Trauma, Fertility, Sexual Karmic Cleansing 

I have always done these at different spots, be it in workshops at festivals, in Orlando, Miami andbu Reno aside from doing learning them in Central America.  I am now listing them because I also am here with so much for my Divine feminine.  

First I like to provide you with a recent information for opening  the  mind to the fact that this is ancient self care that is needed in these times. 
Not just for your vagina  but for your karmic debris, ties and DNA. 

This is also a beautiful gift offering.

There are a few different ways depending  on the situation and purpose that we experience this massage. 

For fertility we maneuver in a way much like this with whatever emphasis is necessary one one if these
A karmic contract
Healing past life karmic debris.

Sexual Karmic healing releasing dark matter, cords and debris we pick up from lovers. 
A childhood trauma. Trigger anything to not just help you get pregnant but also clear your vibe, connection, journey with the future human gods and goddeses you will bring into the human experience. 

We clear you first 
So it's an add on 
Doing this according to most indigenous tribes is necessary at times in order to bring life into a woman's dormant or lower vibration portal of creation. 

So a true traditional Central American Shamanic mayan womb massage

90 minutes $120

For fertility or trauma or deep Sexual karmic Cleansing 3 sessions are recommended. 

2nd one $80
Third one $60 After you will be able to do them for yourself like a pro.

I like helping people design their own path with proper techniques. 


An Ancient Science

Lomi lomi is a sacred hands-on form of transformational bodywork based in ancient traditions of Polynesian influence found throughout the islands of the Pacific. Deeply spiritual in nature, it was passed down from generation to generation and practiced by the kahunas, the shamans or healers, to align a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies, renewing the mind-body connection and facilitating the body’s innate ability to heal.
Your muscles are rubbed in a manner similar to Western massage. To increase the healing effect, the medicine person massages specific therapeutic points.”
This is Pure Lomi Lomi is amazing for balancing the Divine feminine and Sacred Masculine. True lomi lomi in tune with you and in rhythmic frequency and shamanic drum waves to take you on a healing journey.  Sound, rhythm, flow, deep tissue, ancient wisdomHealing hands


Natural Healing

This is to retrieve receive messages from elders, ancestors, those who have already transitioned and crossed over. Also requires breathwork and guidance as for energies to come through they use a lot of energy at times and can weaken you.
Also plan on at least 90 min and an energy cleanse is done after. We use Shamanic practice for this. 


Natural Healing

The yoni steam can be found throughout history in Ancient Greece and Japan as well as Central and South American indigenous cultures.  In some cities they use a chair and just steam you. Allowing specific herbs to lightly steam your vagina. Although the medicinal herbs such as Lavender not only tighten and soothe, relax and cleanse just to give an example. I have added the Shamanic element again. Cleansing and healing with the plant medicine but adding your breathwork,  massage and  guiding your healing journey. As we work as goddess sisters to heal and empower your womb. Always with respect. No touching if you are not comfy and teaching you a simple way to do it yourself.  A true Shaman teaches you to activate the healer within. 


Balance Your Chi

This is a journey through guided meditation and breath. With the use of herbs burning, scents all around you, sensory building techniques and energy manipulation we cleanse whatever debris you have been carrying from past lovers including trauma. Trauma caused by mutual toxicity, by narcissistic manipulation and at times due to  rape or bullying. This is for men and women. All genders and sexual orientations. A free phone consultation is available as well as information about maintenance and healing follow up. This includes cutting of spiritual energy cords. Time is minimum of 90 minutes to two hours. Be prepared to journey and activate the healer within. If it gets too intense we divide into two journeys.

 I tailor your session to work on your specific goals and needs. I love showing my co pilots co creators on these journeys how these and other ancient practices can activate the healer within and make an enormous difference to their health and life. 


An offering of love. Paying it forward. 

The Lakota laying of hands can be combined with a taoist karmic cleansing. We set the intention to LLPbring blessings to the energy centers and healing while bringing blessings and honor to the temple body  or to ease and celebrate the transition into the next phase of expansion and existence. A sacred practice to me. This is an offering for all non denominational yet a very traditional taoist/Buddhist and indigenous practice that has been also forgotten in the rush of modern life as well as medicine. Highly spiritual indeed but for any soul especially those who are awaiting death or in a hospice Alone. Please contact if you know of someone in situations like that or who would like a little non medical care.  Distance is a factor so open to English and Spanish speaking members of the Miami community. If too far It may still be possible but transportation costs  or partial costs would be donation requested. Gratitude. 


Natural Healing

Miami beach stay tuned 


Natural Healing

A shamanic journey designed to navigate 12 chakras, use hermetic alchemy, incorporate your own sacred geometry pattern into a healing journey. This journey has energy work based healing hands massage or touchless energy work, (whatever you feel comfortable with) shamanic breath, frequency vibration and is for those who feel imbalance want to be guided by higher self into purpose and are wanting to increase self love and devotion, clarity and mind body soul well being. 


Balance Your Chi

The less you tell me the better. We do a prelim call but work together Shamanically to obtain the guidance. Be guided do not seek. Mandar email o conectar en Instagram para mas informacion. Shaktidurga_me
Servicios de Despojo tambien disponible y limpieza de energia de casas. 
Todos los servicios aqui dados y hechos en Espanol tambien. Ya que son chamanicos y tradicion yierbera lo tantrico es tradicional no sexo y energia ya que la tantra no es sexo que no te vendan ese cuento!Correo 

I provide healthcare in a different way. Call me today to find out about my unique approach and to book a visit. Also interested in hearing from other Shaman wanting to be a part of our sustainability project. 


This IS the big show. Your Human experience 

Vos sos La Droga You Are the drug!



To Set Up appointments please include your name, phone number/ email. Best time to contact you. If not coming direct from Festivals, workshops , social media and site then can only do or inquire about intro journey or non massage services...past life or holotropic. So please preferably note the day and time you would prefer to journey as much info in order to serve you best and save time. 

(305) 908-5363

Thanks for submitting!