About Me

Grand Daughter of Shaman and spiritualist walker of my very own path. Visionary self proclaimed mystic. Tell me what you see and I will tell you what I see. 

I am an artist creating a masterpiece of Akashic proportions of my journey in gratitude for Universe offering me this Grand opportunity to be here in such amazing times.


I learned through Hoodoo root workers from Louisiana and in Guatemala my beautiful Shaman granny talked to the dead till her last days. 



Moving on


I am a Meditation Master of over 20 years 


Traditional hindu tantra Chennai India 


Quodoushka studies and trainings 


Spiritualism  through genetics


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi in Puna on the big Island of  Hawaii


Death Doula Certification


Lucid dreaming studies through 

Stephen Laberge Lucidity institute. 


Holotropic breathwork studies through Grof Transpersonal training. 


Mayan Karmic Cleansing Guatemala 

Costa Rica 


Lakota/Dakota Healing hands on the Reservation itself 


Nagual Shamanic studies 

For personal shamanic path




Kabbalah mysticism 


Root work

Traditional chinese medicine 

Thai massage 


White Tigress path 6yrs completed through  Japanese teacher. 


All Sacred Text or through verbal traditions passed on by true healers, seers and through total immersion practice. 



In Hawaii I was getting ready to take off for the Rainforest again or go off grid and a Hawaiian elder gave me a little speech. 

She said and mind you she was about 82~

She said my look was one that allowed me to bring these sacred teachings to people who normally would not go to a person in a turban and robes, or take off to India or Peru to go be secluded or chanting or perhaps even able to take time out for a solo inner journey quest. My look and the way I was Gave me access to people that others perhaps would ignore. 

And to take the light where it wasn't expected. 


Right after I encountered the late Dennis Hof again in my life and he was sick and not well. I feel that was why he was very accepting of me bringing my tantric journey into the house. He was intrigued and so curious about the Plant medicine, traditional Tantra ( he wasn't impressed with modern neo tantra) and my travels. And his acceptance of what I offer plus allowing me to offer it my way is what led me to do not just traditional Tantra in the Brothels of Nevada but also to take it afterwards for 3 years all over the US. Placing ads and promoting it where very robed and turbaned up gurus would never. It has been hard I must say. The misinformation and people not stating what type of Tantra they do or educating people correctly causes me to have to clear up misconceptions that all Tantra is slow sex?! When indeed true Tantra the traditional Taoist based white Tantra and my personal  path of Vama Marga Tantra are about Transcendence. Ultimately about the crystallization of the energy body and the survival of the consciousness /awareness beyond death. A much longer Karmic clearing solo practice devotion path. Not for all. 


Also on the Shamanic side we now have people who get their hands on a little DMT suddenly and decide to call themselves Gurus and Shaman???!!


Again it be my path and I love it but perhaps if it hadn't been a path I knew I would walk since I was 7 I would have bailed out a long time ago. The misinformation does so much more harm than good. 


No spiritual retreat, drug, plant or teaching no matter how much they sell it to you for will change your entire life unless YOU do the inner journey work. I could tell everyone this will change your life with just one journey but no it won't not unless you are open to receive and are courageous and are a seeker who is ready to confront his fears and shadow self. 




Last in this sharing moment is 

My meditation practice which now spans about 20 years or so and is something I love as much as breathing.



Background cultural conventional life  tidbit

Born in Guatemala and growing up in New York with an over active desire to learn, I navigated through: Nietzsche, The book of Names. Books of the dead. Jung, Freud, and the biographies of the great master painters by age 12. Then came : Castaneda, karmic cleansing, sacred geometry, Alice Bailey, Aleister Crowley, obsessions with math and art! Slightly obsessed with sound and frequency I devour any material on it with a Tesliancoil enthusiasm.

And perhaps at age 7 was my first mystical experience. Where I saw and felt as if floating up in the church above all and going up with great care to the man on the cross. I was drawn to the healer, the magician, the lover, the ceremony and rituals tied with him and his story. Later I felt as if I had dropped down into my body and began to laugh hysterically in church. Then I would remote view my dad or family members. Always with a split path. My spiritual path and my Conventional throughout my whole life until I did inner journey. Not even when I backpacked across countries and felt oh so brave did all fall in place. No it was during the Inner Journey that I saw the beloved in me. In myself. When I saw this and really rose into my true being, expanded, felt liberated of all karmic, ancestral, cultural chains.

I realized that at a certain point there is no book to follow, no guru, just you going where no other has gone before with/In such a blessed perception of unique oneness. (more in blog)



Workshop presenter


In the past include but not limited to


Zen Awakening


Lucidity festival

Life in color (chakra dome interactive art installation)

Moonshine Music Festival

Burning Man Shaman Dome

Burning Man Orgy dome Consent is sexy speeches

Hawaii Tantra Festival

Envision Costa Rica

Cosmic Convergence Guatemala




I have conventional studies too of course. I make my ADD work for me as a blessing. 

Paralegal and yes Mortuary Science


Always have had more than one job still do .always doing a project or something strange 🙏😜🙏


Conventional jobs 

Universal Studios / Sprint/ Head hunter 

Bartender and 

Still on occasion Holistic cooking on private yachts


Non conventional 

All in the Adult Entertainment industry 

From stripper to peek shows to Domination and Electrical play performances to phone sex to the brothels. 


Free time 



In my free time and when not doing Tantra I travel to farms in need and sit with near by indigenous tribes. 

I work in maximizing food production of land

Eco Building: earth bag domes, raised beds, vertical farming and vertical garden towers, under ground and above ground green houses, aquaponics, hydroponics, Cobb houses, etc. 

Venus Project 




Ecstatic Dance


Kundalini Yoga


Qi kung




Cannabis activist Grow your own


Amnesty International Human rights activist since high school 



I overcame illnesses in the past  and live with a rare neurological condition which causes me to lose vision even for days at a time plus most people would live in pain but ~


I do all Natural healing and I mainly consume Raw foods, a strict system of as little processed food as possible and all natural healing plus science periodically, for confirmation that the homeopathic/ ancient but so called "alternative healing", is working. 


Due to my purity of life that was basically born out of need and refusing to do the dance with Big Pharma, I do not drink any alcohol at all and eliminated chemicals and mainly do Raw foods along with a blood type diet and Arjuvedic.



I only share the health related information because that is why I am so passionate about breathwork, traditional chinese medicine, Castaneda like Earth medicine and Tantra because many ask how I stay so positive, compassionately raw, strong and look so good and it IS all about the essence plus not looking for a magical pill to eliminate all woes and suffering.  The suffering,  pain or loss is great personal perspective and is part of the duality in which we live in. Tantra is great for sexual health but a Tantric Life is what I went into it for and through it I find a calm, fully indescribable form of Ecstasy in agony or in anything. Mmmmm All simply Is and that in Itself is pretty RAD!




And yeah after reading all that if ya made it

Some say I'm cocky which is far from the truth I am just happy I have had the courage or insanity  to live an awesomely full life which has been more than I ever could have dreamed. But then again it is still a dream isnt it. Some of us are just dreaming awake. 



And yes all is very verifiable. 

Pictures of the brothel, travels and all 😜😂 the beauty of the internet ..gotta love it. 

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