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Who defined it All For You? Unravel your Conditioning. Contact forms must be complete or receive no reply. 



Update December 2020



Regarding Neurological  and Eye condition and location

Finally properly diagnosed by an Amazing Neuro-Opthamologist  and doing a very specific regiment  I have continued Spinal Decompression (relieving pressure on Optical Nerve 2nd Vertebrae) Acupuncture and Acupressure as well as other ancient wisdom all natural NO big Pharma Meds! Treatment is going wonderful and Pain has been such a great teacher. To be able to fully absorb the teaching of Pain but no suffering and that of grace has been priceless.

For 2021 we have Shamanic retreats coming up to Costa Rica, Fly me to you Shamanic Guide as well as more events!

Speaking and Workshops on sustainability while growing your own.

Now moving into certifications for Ketamine therapy as well a Psychedelic therapy training to go hand in hand with all the rest in My About me page.






There are many offerings here but I like to remind people that as a true Shaman I teach people to heal themselves. As a traditional shaman  I guide you into a space to balance your own sacred masculine/divine feminine and to explore ways to live the experience of the journey and life itself as a Master of all that you are and connect with the warrior/healer/lover and magician within. Please feel free to enjoy the blog, the blog is a mixture of practices and passed on teachings (podcast links do not work as it was just a one year adventure).  Read through the About me section, stay up to date with travels starting up again soon and contact me using our contact form. Remember to be mindful/respectful  and let me know what you are interested in exploring and why, prior experiences as well as your name and contact info. Much love and receive all that is good. Respect and bows to your path.Shakti








Shamanic  Classes

Online, a most valuable offering and call to arms. 
Guiding the traveler into the depth of him or herself. Taking you through the teachings of those who had patience with me, years of research always verifiable links/cross-links/knowledge drops and more. 
Full teachings of mind, energy body, plant energy, animal Nagual, Lakota and Hawaiian native ways not to connect you with the All but instead to guide you to heal yourself of the blindness of it all. To take you to your guru is the opportunity that I ask of you. 
2 hours class time. Direct message or email for full curriculum if you will, each class includes a half hour recap,homework of doing ~ always a must. 20 different meditation styles taught, breath and advanced breath,mudra, mantra techniques Passed on sacred teachings of a Shamanic Nature. That is YOU. 

Psychonaught & Shamanic Breath intro

Journey explained in depth in Blog section first one there after reviews. The description had to include more info and sacred knowledge background than other sections. So please see the blog link in Menu

Online or in person Past Life Regression Past trauma Revisit and heal

A beautiful journey of self healing. Each journey is customised to each individual desired outcome, intent and personality, experience and situation. In Past life we journey through Shamanic breath and different techniques to get you into a brave walk with Kali to revisit shadow lands, past lives or past trauma and bring in the inner healer. Due to nature of breathwork and design of journey a chat prior is required. 
This can be done online as well as in person depending on travels. I can also do a small group of 4 and offer it at a heavenly price  because I love introducing people to the Shamanic and I offer all I do for my path and what it entails I also work with people and we can do a second session free if you truly have it your all and want to go back to a drop point that left you wanting more. I conduct my work and business like I do my life. From the heart. 

Unraveling the conditioning A shaman guides you to heal yourself 

An 8 session at your own pace JourneyThis Healing Exploration journey of self care into deeper self love can be divided across 4 months. It includes but not limited toAn Energetic Reading
A Guided Chakra balancing breath/ sound/energy manipulation practice
A healing the fragmented self or inner child healing
A breath and meditation Vision Quest
A Nutrition/ oils/ plant medicine knowledge drop  session (a one on one discussion of all things natural as well as information on homeopathic care and using science combined)
Family / Ancestral karma clearing
2 sessions specific to persons personal pathTargeting anxiety or ptsd or womb healing Deeper inner child healing etcAll online or in person when available in Florida or Costa Rica
Send a "mindful" email for more infoThese are specific to the individualWe communicate by email and free phone consultation first in order to design your healing journey. Can be paid together or in paymentsI use sliding scale as this is for being of service and you must be active in this process. I don't do this for the money 9r ego. Am absolutely fair in these times however I do ask for respect for my time and energy. 
Incomplete inquiry will not receive a reply

Spirit journey (shamanic spiritualism Necromancy)

This is to retrieve receive messages from elders, ancestors, those who have already transitioned and crossed over. Also requires breathwork and guidance as for energies to come through they use a lot of energy at times and can weaken you.
Also plan on at least 90 min and an energy cleanse is done after. We use Shamanic practice for this. 

Free and Donation based  hospital Lakota laying of Hands visits

The Lakota laying of hands can be combined with a taoist karmic cleansing. We set the intention to LLPbring blessings to the energy centers and healing while bringing blessings and honor to the temple body  or to ease and celebrate the transition into the next phase of expansion and existence. A sacred practice to me. This is an offering for all non denominational yet a very traditional taoist/Buddhist and indigenous practice that has been also forgotten in the rush of modern life as well as medicine. Highly spiritual indeed but for any soul especially those who are awaiting death or in a hospice Alone. Please contact if you know of someone in situations like that or who would like a little non medical care.  Distance is a factor so open to English and Spanish speaking members of the Miami community. If too far It may still be possible but transportation costs  or partial costs would be donation requested. Gratitude. 


Holistic medicine is a broad range of practices based on generations of tradition. After a single session, you’ll start to see changes to your body, mind and energy levels. Contact me to find out more.

Integrated Energy Womb Healing 

This is a hands-on body treatment that leaves you  feeling relaxed and renewed. I love introducing women to these ancient techniques and practices and showing women  how just a few treatments can make an enormous difference to their health and lives when we approach the healing as a Trinity of healing mind/body/soul. 
I also like a true Shaman guide you to heal yourself. 

The womb massage targets your lower chakras as well as your heart and mind. You are guided into an active meditative state. 

You are guided to smile into your ovaries, ovarian palace and if you had a hysterectomy that's still perfectly fine. If you are in transformation bliss and going from Male to Female or Female to make this too is perfectly balancing and a great add on for you. 
I do these the Shamanic way. You will be treated just as if you would have walked into the Shaman's healing tent and the Experience itself will be one you shall treasure. You are the goddess and you will feel empowered through out this journey. 
The Womb massage is not the trendy Yoni massage it is so much more. I do not need to touch your sacred flower for this at all.  Combining breath, massage accupressure (using Meridians, pressure points), the elemental body, sound, frequency and shamanic elements we heal your womb together. 
That being said. I do not ever say that your trauma or pain will be magically healed with just one session. What I do offer is almost 3 sessions for the price of what most charge for 1. Why? Because I do this for my path and to be of service. I go scale down and work with people. I am not into the business of greed I am on my own Shamanic path and am of service. 
The Mayan womb massage and "traditional true Yoni massage can be found historically in sacred teachings and writings from ancient Greece, Japan, native Indians from the Americas as well as the Yoruba tribe. 
The benefits are so many. Some include Past trauma Sexual abuse and Abuse of any kind, Anxiety, Painful periods, Menstrual issues (long and heavy periods or irregular, Endometriosis, fertility challenges, insecurities,inadequacy feelings, emotional and physical and mental challenges.This is integrated ~We heal the mind,body and soul. We heal you together.
This is energy healing but you will feel and experience it in a most special way. 
Afterwards you may feel nauseatedYou may feel totally relaxed beyond measure.
You will feel emotions that may seem new or you will find yourself responding to memories of trauma in a healthy new but different way. 
This like all I do is something you will know you experienced meaning you won't wonder or wish you would have felt something. 
I ask all who do this or inquire call and take advantage of an info filled free phone consultation. Please mindful and serious inquiries only. I work with many who have experienced serious trauma and so appreciate ever so much those who come to me with respect, open minds and open hearts. 
I bow to you for the dust on your feet is the crown on my head~ Rumi 
We are one and it is in worshipping and healing you that I worship and heal myself. 

Intentional Eating for Intentional Living

This is done in classes We work together, you and I on your kitchen. You can see some recipes in the blog as to what intentional eating can be like). However all I do is specifically for that individual. Shamanic  wise good food for the soul. Physically we set the intention of what we wish to achieve. Liver cleanse, detox, fasting (you need a good prep and exit fasting plan for it to work the best). Do you want to focus on chakras or on a specific area or energy?
We combine Ayurvedic, Taoist, herbal, yierbera, can do vegan /Paleo/conventional,Lactose free  etc.
We work together either for an amazing meal for an occasion or instead of a night out a chef in and we also work on creating for you an intentional eating game plan. 
Private intentional cooking class or Shamanic Chef service available I'm Central Florida through January(My eye therapy is going amazing tutu)
And after January back to Pura Vida With Quan Quan Bam Bam haha. 
Please let me know best ti e to contact you.if a class for 1 or more?
Shamanic Chef for event ? How many?
Meal habits and intentionI work sliding scale down so every repeat cook out the price gets lower. 

Reiki Healing

This can be used in conjunction with other alternative therapies. It takes into account the whole person and helps activate each patient’s natural healing processes as well as restoring their physical and emotional well-being.

I provide healthcare in a different way. Call me today to find out about my unique approach and to book a visit. Also interested in hearing from other Shaman wanting to be a part of our sustainability project. 


Vos sos La Droga You Are the drug!

May we kick the stardust from the dancefloor some day again. 

in memory of Joel a friend past love who left us far too soon but whose death inspired me. 
Sometimes people leave you for dead. 
Offer forgiveness and love with conditions. Keep going. The belief must be yours. You must believe in that which you are even when no other can see it. That be inner peace & happiness. 

   Sometimes a person's death saves your life. Beyond life leaving the reminder that you are not this body not this mind instead you are light, energy and existence itself. 
 Reinvent yourself, and remember the love you are able to feel for yourself is all you will ever be able to receive.  So love yourself UNCONDITIONALLY Much love Shakti. 


To Set Up appointments please include your name in a short mindful message. I do not reply  to blank forms that only include an email or number. and we schedule a call  within 24 hours.  Email communication only for purchase matters,  through the Store. For sales etc. 👉I have vision light sensitivity challenges and was getting too much Spam ill intentioned filled emails and messages. No more please and thank you. Contact via mindful emails or fully completed contact forms. Or you will go straight to Spam or no reply. Emails that include attachments are  not opened. 
Once again I do not reply to "hey" or incomplete contact requests 

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