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Online Offerings Due to Global Pandemic

Shamanic Breath Intro and more is described fully in depth along with psychonaught journey in Blog Section. Too much had to be covered as some use this along with Microdosing and after smoke sessions or to vision quest naturally. But a mini bit of info:
Intro is 30 min long
We must chat first Good health is Necessary. It is not like relaxing Meditational practice breath. It is fast paced and great for hightening the senses, awareness, before/during/after microdosing.
Great alone of course or with Plant Medicine. 
A sequence of well choreographed for lack of a better word, properly timed breath techniques. From Yoruba trance, shamanic, Nagual based as well as rest time deep breathing. 
You WILL FEEL something you won't just wonder. .you will feel and have physical sensations. 
We do 3 blocks of 5 minutes with rest interval to ensure you are fine to keep going. 
After Intro session We can do more intense work as long as you can but Up to an hour
Purpose can be to learn more, cleanse, clear or even release out of body. 
Most requested is  to go out of body, to prolong microdose or turn the microdose into a full journey all in the comfort of your home and online learn to Navigate and own the breath and mind. 
You can do by itself . I do!
We use frequency based Music and a chat prior is necessary. 

Shamanic Breath beyond intro 1 hour to 90 minutes  $20 a class

$60 Psychonaught Sexual energy Chi Journey1hr to 2hrs this is breath and traditional sexual kung fu Vama Marga Tantra cultivation of energy A chat is a mustRespect for the practice is a Must

Online Tantra expansionGoes especially hand on hand with for those who wish to work on sexual blockages, sexual trauma etc. $30 to $60

Couples breath and Tantra for the Goddess$5090min

Online womb healing shorter version of healing offered in personIn this one we flow through breath and meditation and Mudras into healing Please see regular description$35 for initial $25 for 2nd session $15 for 3rd
This takes time and I guarantee you will find it priceless and see why.Respect and loveShakti

In person Classes, Past Life regressions, Energetic Healing 

All depending on restrictions, screening and location Please email with a Mindful message LocationHealing desired IntentionClasses (previous experience)Best times to contact you include 2 to 3 dates and times


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