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A sunday rant on Sex & the powers that be

Updated: May 26

Although one could say that its crazy to tell people to do/practice/get into self love and self pleasuring in order to get to know themselves better and be able to own their being so they can survive this shit~ may seem absolutely crazy and not in order. But everything is out of order anyway.  More are suffering from new ailments and new syndromes are always coming up, but so are the new abilities and the positive results of getting to know your energy body.

The medicine and science of the West are proving many old techniques right.

We can use sex as a gift and tool to raise our hormone production/ dispensing if you will, and not waste our energy or absorb negative energy, to be open and choose to be open in our sexuality ..monogamy or choosing exploration, gender wise or just within ourselves.

And by doing so sexually our inner strength rises and we open up and begin evolving on many levels. The yoga occurs. The union of the mind/body/soul.

We can transcend through the body. Which we all have yet to fully explore. In developing all outside of ourselves so that we could be comfy, we sacrificed valuable time we could have also invested in owning our vessel, mind/body/soul. In the name of sex being evil and dirty alot was left behind. And the absolute benefits of it lost for the masses for a long time. Sex has been used for marketing and as a great marketing tool. Sex is also one of if not the most Deliscious experiences in the HUMAN experience and people basically have pawned it off in the name of comfort and laziness. But it does hold many keys. Most can have heightened senses, use sexual energy for restoration, layering it if you wish for a transformation..always layers of actions then~ flow into non action and into an inner peace that is the whole motha fucking ocean not just a drop.  We must raise our vibrations because you will be tested and pushed In this round surrender is  Key.  Its not insane to recommend higher love Feeling that cock or pussy energy and using it. Using it to balance and clear those energy centers those channels.  The changes. The answers are new. We get to create this New system rising in a way.

Many things from the past will not make it just like many brick and mortar shops We get to choose what perspective we wish to experience it in. We all get to reinvent not just our careers but all of it ...what better way to start inventing and creating that through sex. Mmmmm when a couple knows how to do this they get to Watch that transcendence. More flexibility of mind and body.  Fluidness. They get to experience and witness eachother. When a solo practitioner does it is magnificent as well because you know it and you own it and people can feel it. You witness yourself needless and open. This system ~no matter what you believe is faulty.  It has lied to you  To us, especially about our bodies and the uses the knowledge/ gifts/ abilities that our bodies have within.

Instead we are lab rats jerking off by a laptop or in a corner on a phone, wanting to belong people accept humiliation and trampling of not just their balls but their true divinity and not for a reason or prize or anything else but attention, validation that they exist and are something even if that be a piece of shit. Truth Lol I can say it becauae I have been a Domina. The greed higher ups bathed in luxury wave it all like carrots to the masses...your dick isn't hard enough and then have you imitating people you don't even look up to or would not look up to on the outside daily streets. They have you imitating people you do not even know out of lack. And your like and dislikes collected

they collect our data and sell it to us. Like fight club ..sell us back our fat. 

The big barrier that sex is bad and dirty is

legitimate if you are so mind fucked that you can not focus or that you

have racing thoughts during sex, if so then that barrier is there and the mind needs to be remapped. The way people are fucking now they are not getting all the rejuvenation all the restoration and increased health from sex.

If you are able to use your sexuality and the pleasure of it as a tool to retrain the mind and have that as a tool and serve less A more un fogged reality Less needs.


The "they" is all of US the system is us trying to use old ways to define the new. The they is US becoming slaves to that which we have created. Even instant gratification sex.

"the powers that be ..what we have collectively created Us as a system of choices" They have humanity like a crack head insatiable and thinking while they are fucking. Infecting eachother with dramas and illusory goals that kill them before they get to savour the pleasure of having achieved them.  Use sex to break barriers  Use your sexual energy. Awaken others just by your higher vibe . No need for ya pussy or cock  Needless  Cock and pussy may end up pounding in light together but needless just vibing in same wave.  Watch how much more aware you are How much more in tune with your partners you are and how much more abke you are to expand the moment.  You can maybe do a session to see if you can feel me pulling you into the orgasm energy or you pull me in the virtual.  See  Experience energy.  Like this practice. Fuck this hypocracy Old ways used to worship the masculine and feminine and sex and the life force energy Not banish it.or suppress it.  They also lived longer, fucked more had pyramids hosting orgies ..fought wars and conquered lands , invented! were creative!

..normal recorded ages of 127 and 140 some even longer.  Just do and don't try and give it a fair amount of time..this is a step or another step to liberating a lot more than your cock or pussy. 

All the steps offered on the onlyfans.com/shaktidurgame

(And in many other spots and other sources that pass on the most ancient teachings ) are for better Sex yes but also are tools for transformation are tools to be used in awareness and it is a very good thing to be fully aware during sex. It is a very good thing to be yourself



In surrender and control all in one breath

And it is indeed fully accessible by you

You have access to your energy all tge time

As do all those around you

All that you freely give your energy too

Lets put it this way

Masturbate and meditate on taking all your energy back from everyone and everything and call me in the morning 😜😘🙏

Just doing that may just get you on the right start

Of seeing sex as a healthy tool

And your body as a fucking beast of a vessel or temple (both are absolutely yummy thoughts to have and let go of)

Much love

Shakti And a great piece to watch with the author of Surveillance capitalism speaking...it clearly warns you and totally gives you a heads up on many things and worth the share https://youtu.be/hIXhnWUmMvw Listen to A New Vision - Invocation (With Darpan) by Temple Step Project on #SoundCloud



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