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Accept your circus

The whole ball-game is yours. You have the freedom to accept your reality, by letting go of everything else, or you have the freedom to want everything else, and let go of reality. This is the only freedom we've got. Everything else is preordained, predestined. So when anybody asked me, "Is everything predestined, preordained?" I say, "Yes and no." For the average person it is. The person who is walking around reacting to everything in life or is judgmental. To that person everything is preordained. But to the person who is truly working on themselves by not allowing conditions to upset them, situations to come upon them, make them judgmental, that person is working for their freedom. And little by little they chip away their karmic blocks, the samskaras, until they become totally free and liberated.Robert Adams

Don't think haha

That your demented, silly, grand.. if you will

Foolish thoughts go nowhere ....

That be preposterous ignorance

Just sayin


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