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Basic Chakra dance with a twist

I first learned them as sacred tunnels

Native Indian style

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The Basics on Chakras The first chakra is Muladhara, the root center, located at the perineum, and feels grounded and heavy. The second chakra is Svadhistana, the sacral center, located just above the pubic bone, and feels watery and sensual.

The third chakra is Manipura, the naval center, located at the navel, and feels fiery and dynamic. The fourth chakra is Anahata, the heart center, located in the middle of the chest, and feels loving and intimate. The fifth chakra is Vishudda, the throat center, located in the suprasternal notch of the throat, and feels spacey and ethereal. The sixth chakra is Ajna, the third eye center, located in the middle of the forehead, (not in between the eyebrows as per popular belief), and feels clear and sublime. The seventh chakra is Sahasrara, the crown center, located on top of the head, and feels like bliss and ecstasy (beyond any describable worldly feelings). Chakra Orgasm As you learn to control the flow of energy travelling through the body and the chakra system, you might encounter some of these mentioned feelings. You can even have orgasms on the different chakras. A so-called “chakra orgasm”. For example, an orgasm on Manipura might express itself as a sudden burst in uncontrollable laughter, while an orgasm on Svadhistana might involve a lot of tears, and furthermore an orgasm on Muladhara might invoke raw screaming and shouting. In the end, there are valid and time-tested guidelines that can greatly help you navigate through the process of an energy orgasm but ultimately, it all falls on how you are able to experience it. Do not stress on the details and instead focus on your own embodied experience and discover your truth. Learn to fully be present in the moment with all your senses – breath, movement, sound, taste, smell – instead of worrying about the how’s and why’s. My teachings are simpler but you still must contemplate How you feel about them. I AM I HAVE I CAN I LOVE I SPEAK I SEE I KNOW


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