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Sexually the root chakra, as described when we were begining our journey in early posts, is very important.

If you don't know or are insecure in the daily life then sexually you will be too.

Unless perhaps you drink or use drugs to enhance your performance and by that I mean your entire performance. Because in that case there would be false element and assistance in dropping the inhibitions or pretending through the chemicals outside of yourself to be something ~someone else that doesn't care in a false way about their limitations/flaws and weaknesses.

So totally a performance.

The root chakra affects the sexual in all levels.

Fear ~Distrust or the seeing of the sexual partner as an object because otherwise they can not relate because they can not even relate to themselves are all things that swirl around the environment of a weak root chakra.

Not being fully confident or

comfortable expressing No or setting boundaries or being willing to do whatever, even if harmful simply to get that intimate validation also can be a part of root chakra weakness. As well as not feeling comfortable with your partner simply letting you know that No ..they did not cum or ever do when you do what you do. Not being comfortable being guided or being guided but then still doing the old 2 minutes later lol (something I hear a lot from women).

Or feeling insecure or threatened even by the choice of pirn your partner watches or your partner flirting as a natural essence nature.

All these influence life and sexuality hand in hand.

Not being satisfied. Is very much a part of this~ slow spin or blocked root chakra too.

How can the "I" be satisfied if the "I" is not even sure of who or what it is.

And so really has no clue of how great he can be.

The "I" is chasing after security, validation, solidity, who am I in this etc

The "I"


It is too full to receive.

It can not receive anything but instant gratification.

It is too dull of bullshit, boredom, insecurity, stress, feeling like it's needing to prove something or guilt and shame.

It's too full to receive more that the tiny shred of instant gratification zaps.

Mentally it can not receive





The "I" can not receive to be fulfilled fully satisfied and quenched.

Moving into second layer of chakras

I pass on the teachings in layers

All together

Taoist.tantric. bio chemistry and more but in layers


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1 day sneak peek

To the "Full course" literally



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