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Couple goals 

I love my couples!! Man or the sacred masculine can be compared to consciousness and the divine feminine to power...Energy. One just sits almost dormant if just consciousness without the energy and power to manifest and the other would just be Energy without direction. Clueless erratic. One can not exist and manifest without the other.

Balance comes from the feminine balancing the outer and the masculine balancing the inner. This being within one self and in a couple situation. Once the process of balance is in place having gratitude and strength passion turned to compassion and support One for the other. In parity understanding they are indeed Equal energies. Much love to my beautiful couples. I love reawakening that spark and balance in people who love eachother but stray from their essence and divinity in the rush and pressure of life. And always remembering how beautiful #desire without need is! Pure desire for the experience of eachother can not be topped. Need fogs the lenses of perception and you do not see the amazing bliss of an experience your lover/partner can be. No drugs or stimulants or outer ..needed when you are the cosmic blast of a psychedelic experience yourselves hahaha!



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