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We dove into the Chakras again but on a deeper level and explained a bit more on how the knowledge of how your energy body and how your physical body work is all intertwined and related inter-related lol.

Can't describe it good enough.

Energy comes in and out

The inner affects the outer

The outer affects the inner.

Although it is slower than most things on onlyfans, it must be discussed when exploring becoming a Master lover or simply being more connected with your partner or self.

The following is from a post on Onlyfans

I will pass on to here some of those posts so people can get a clear idea because although I respect all women and people who do just straight up sex or masturbating on Onlyfans that isn't why I did mine. It was more so for the genuine freedom and being able to pass on the teachings at the lowest price.

If I did unlimited video on my website it would be over $1200 a year if not more and It would mean all I do would go up because the website is just one thing on the business expense list plus my natural healing costs me what a single man pays in living expenses lol because I am anti big pharma🙏

On that note:

all the teachings begining to end are available without the Nudity as well! For $8 a month and 2 monthly chats for one on one review or to answer any comments, questions or concerns as you may have as you do your practice.


Energy Body you are energy it's not a new age thing.

You are composed of cells

Within you water

Muscles made up of cells which inside have myofibrils which contain sarcomeres which contain more specific things and so to help them do what ends up being their purpose.

The average cell IN the human body produces the estimate energeric cost of protein turnover and several orders of magnitude MORE ENERGY..

(Basic wiki for ya)

But you know this. You already know that every single cell in your body is producing energy.

So if you have approximately 30 trillion cells making up the body

Not just the physical body as most see it even grander. Not just a "solid" flesh bag avatar but instead the reality of it that you are not an absolute solid. You have layers upon layers upon layers.

But basically the entire body, each fiber of it from the thin,luminous almost~ fiber that connects nerve endings to the cells making up the layers of muscle to the cells that make up the bones that make them living tissue, all in your body is giving off energy, producing energy

And if observed even closer producing vibration etc.

There is no new age about it

It IS fucking magical all on its own.

The actual science of course can be explained deeper. From 30 trillion cells to the 80 thousand chakras of the ancient sacred text all can be explained yes indeed.

But I just like to deepen the contemplation of what you truly are. If you would take 2 months in a cave or do a nice ling two week retreat in darkness and silence you would not need to do a dang technique in the 1600's 1800's and now even with all the extreme butt fucking conditioning we have it would still work with therapy before and after and YOU WOULD BE GOOD TO GO. However, most can't do that due to commitments or fear & very valid other points etc.

However, if progresseng in this or any type of Yoga (union) or Tantra (expansion)

Or semen retention

Energy Cultivation for men or women

it is so very key to not just go

"Yeah, yeah yeah we are Energy",

but to actually contemplate it so much it be all you straight up SEE inside & out.

To get so deep into the contemplation of it that you in stillness feel your vibration.

And that is what takes any practice deeper.

If someone sits there with partner facing eachother with knees crossed romantically looking at eachother ~genetalia almost touching ~

I can guarantee you that feels great. Perhaps tight on the knees but absolutely great.

As a physical body.

Yes it does.

It feels nice.

When you do the breath work it feels nice to know you are inhaling as much good Oxygen blend (its not all oxygen) as possible and getting it to your lungs and you concentrate on according to most just one thing and it's oh so hard because they have ADD..but it still feels good!


In all honesty those feelings are begining level and where we all start from. They are beautiful sensations and emotions.

Now when you begin to look beyond that and feel the reality that is on not it's ultimate high but just deeper

And you contemplate and see that you are Energy.

That the air coming in makes that energy body made up of 30 trillion cells move and that it is almost a form of talking to yourself energetic wise feeding yourself

Loving yourself

Being with yourself

When you

And feel as that what it is even just scientifically it is

Divine and that

THAT is when we begin.


We begin to accept where after swallowing, not saying those words with Anger

Taking them down deep

Not releasing the anger

Where did you think they went?

When in a traumatic situation

When manipulated and after having been around someone who mainly as an energetic being was not good for you ..where did you think that went?

If 2 people get very attached through manipulation or codependent or addictions and sorrows and misery or angry sex roller coaster rides. What are the Energy bodies doing?

What do you think the Energy bodies are doing IF THE physical and mental are so attached?

If someone and only that one person makes you feel good physically and eases or sparks your mind mentally, what do you think your Energetic being is going through?

Contemplate that but just for purposes of really envisioning that which you are!

An energetic being in a physical human form.

Nature and life

Nature meaning all of nature is what you are a part of. You are nature. And nature works together. Nature IS.

It is in balance at its essence.

Yes there are some in the wild that are said to be kings like the but the amount of food produced, the growth of a tribe and all the cycles of their food sources all work together.

The pride can only get so large or the balance would be off. Their would be no food. And so balance.

We have thrown even nature out of balance and so we too will naturally be off balance.

However some time maybe

160, 000 years after our arrival a hierarchy and take over did indeed begin.


A culture

A system that began using human nature as a tool.

The mind had been at great discovery and the body strong so to wrap it up~

Our energetic bodies are far more crushed than what you may imagine.

I discussed this at the very begining of chakras, first posts and will include the

Demasculinization of man post because it is so valuable.


Not just you or you or you

Have slow or hyper root chakras.

The root is incredibly important.

By far. Secure in who and what you are. Grounded but still able to reach beyond the stars

Safe and connected to ALL.

Right now very few feel all those things and the rest that comes with a healthy root chakra.

Ads all over. You can not scroll or sit without seeing an advertisement.

Who cares if the movie doesn't have commercials it IS a commercial.

Target marketing in all telling you


Need this

You do not have this

If your cock goes sideways you are NOT hard enough

You are worthless

Take this pill

In order to make one sex feel stronger lets weaken the other sex and btw when the men get too strong let's weaken them

You need Viagra

All of you

We are here for you.

Since you can't last in bed cuz you are spent tiered worried and never have enough

Fuck that

Rub your cock or pussy a couple more times and in no time you will feel better for a little longer not top long because you see

"We" just got you to reduce your pleasure and fucking time to 5 to 10 and squirt out whatcha could

Deplete your system of nutrition and hey

There are always magical pills that may end your life or your ability to use that cock and we'll go to you but we are here 4 ya!

Women have been debilitated and against each other insecure serving as cum holes with men saying oh I wouldn't want my

off spring to do that or be seen as that but Fuck it!

The fall of the root and sacral chakra so to speak is almost ...almost a done deal.

Not to me because I too see a bigger picture and know of many and work with many that believe we can still accept at least on a scientific level that


WE are fucking sweet perfection in the random order of Chaos.

The Sacral chakra or 2nd one is about having about sexuality

About understanding the limitlessness of that which you have are based on understanding that which you


It's not ok to accuse your cock or pussy if not giving you all the pleasure there is or to point the finger at anything but yourself without first looking deep into yourself.

Not OK to blame your partner this or that.

How can you be of service to them?

And not to their cock or pussy becauae they are much more than that. If you can not see that in yourself then you won't in them. Even deeper. You will feel it all work or doesn't depending on a cock ass tits or pussy?

That's all ya got for source of happiness..no way?! That's not even a tenth of what you are or what you are able to draw from and not for happiness or pleasure but for more.

Again when I say *you* am simply referring to a large amount of people.

However many many experience much much more in terms of this.

Most have even deeper things that cause slow energy centers.

Much more.

Then we have the solar chakra the 3rd

The👉 I can 👈

the slowness of that one can mean fearful, anxiety ridden unable to see all that they can be and can have and can do.

The hyper active solar chakra can be dominant


Quick to give up as well when stricken with Anger

Anger is not determination

The hyperactive one can be over bearing and controlling.

Most definitely be so controlling outside of the bedroom that in the bedroom without realizing it they have already silenced their partners ability to iniate anything.

They are controlling in all things for 90 to 100% of the time and they marry or stay with someone they can control who accepts this controlling need about them however suddenly years later they bark

"She never or he never initiates sex"

😳 what

Yes! you better hire a random or dom because with that person you do not have a history and are right from the begining looking for and ready to handover your control. Without the surrounding history and without giving your whole self.

Or flip side

Some feel too weak to ever initiate or to ever dominate at sex and so they look for a Dominant to do the things & get them to do the things they would not do on their own.

Many things covered in at times extreme urban city life small examples.

It's not saying that all who have weak 3rd chakras do this or that those with hyper solar chakras complain about partners initiating or not.

Please read only what the words do remember the explanation that these are simple very simple ways of explaining Major complex at times things like science and the limitless potential of the human being. Especially compared to what mankind has been reduced to which is looking outside of itself for all.

Contemplation is only as hard as you make it.

©2020 Shakti Durga Healing Arts 🌻


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