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Onlyfans.com. will start promotion campaign Monday after the Super Bowl. Part of monthly subscription price will be paid forward & each season a cause/charity organization will be chosen to receive part of the proceeds. Because if one has found #theSecret one should not in my humble opinion be concerned with throwing expensive retreats around the world for only the wealthy & privileged to be #activated & rise up. The #Knowledge is not more of Value because it is expensive as you are monkey trained to believe it should be. If one truly has seen #beyondtheveil & is vibrating higher ... One knows to #trust & that the knowledge can be shared but it is you & only you that can put the techniques & practice into use You & only you who needs to have the #courage guts Balls Vagina to go into your shadow & #transmute anything. It is you who truly are the #Guru. For me my gift in my path has been reversing an enlarged main artery with medical record proof, healing my eyes after spending 2yrs 70% to 80% shut in due to condition and over coming my #shadowself I feel grateful wealthy and come from a well of abundance with just these things alone: To see my loved ones, to be able to run like when I was in cross country track 😂😂 true story inside joke lol And to live to see another sunrise after all the darkness I have witnessed and seen. I must pay it forward for I am that I am And I am not here to be understood. I am here to be the catalyst that I am & Serve. The way I teach I start from basic foundatiom if each technique sequence then keep building so it's never overwhelming and as you do the technique and add to it by the time you do advanced you are flowing through the basic and middle level. Each time getting better just by process of the obvious building blocks and getting better with repetition each time. May all who dive deep & Acknowledge the calling within that something isn't right, that there must be more find the courage & strength to keep going!! See you in the Astral Temple!!! See you on the other side See you inside myself when you see me within yourself! Los Amo! #Ladies #Goddesses see you in #Orlando #life #love #instagood


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