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Its not over it never is there is always transcendence

Many speak and limit it all by saying

I have destroyed this or that

I am done and woke or on the flip side

Stay in

seeking mode

Vs transition into being guided

As stated in the prevoous posts and as I note in

Only fans

We can go down endless rabbit holes even with the knowledge left behind by one practice let alone the similarities of many practices which lead to not an ending

But a begining.

Indeed getting rid of the conditioning through transformation which can only truly occur through your presence

Is great getting to your own personal Neutrality is fantastic

Getting to balance is amazing

And then yes you have to be guided and stronger on different levels to live as that beautiful balance among many that are not in that same space.

Unless isolated in your balance &alone in nature with no one else you will still have to tread In one way shape or form, tread the illusion. & all can go from one illusion to the next. So your continuing presence and growth and expansion doesn't stop or gets easier it gets different.

And yes it is grand but even Baba Ram Dass and other great teachers have not gone from enlightenment to no other challenges and opportunities for growth. In the case of Ram Dass he was guided to even more liberation when faced with a stroke his later years.


It's very funny the way the physical conditioning cages get traded for other illusory spiritual cages.

It is a beautiful thing to be in balance to be in neutrality and to exist as far from the conditioning as possible but you still must then ..if ya leveled up .play truly play in a larger limitless playing field and that is the beauty of it.

The exploration never ends, the opportunities for growth keep coming & the illusions come & go, the conditioning,sleep and waking states continue but you are stronger and as your true essence are limitless.

It doesn't all end & the pearly gates open

C'mon The Buddha died from eating truffles ! Even he got served something others would call a negative thing happening to a good person but even in that there was transcendence.

#Conquer it all & then keep going


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