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Knowledge drops of Pleasure & A Psychonaught

I am not against anything. I am only against disharmony, and because your head is creating the most inharmonious situation, I want your head to be put in its right place. It is a servant, not a master.(via amargedom) I been saying THAT long enough Righhhht Own your Mind Own your emotions.yo Feels So you can let them the fuck go and you can just observe and use them as tools. Own your sexual energy Own your cock n balls Own your Queen B or open all night Vagina No shame Just pure Golden Ownership Everybody wants to own and poses but nobody wants to own their Mind and all the rest that be yours.. It's old Mind is a tool Mind is sharpest tool Sharpest weapon 90% of it untapped by most ....anyway Yeah Own your Mind You should be the master Not the slave baby! Go in it Make peace with it Own it Shakti

Again these are from Shakti's Social media which at times get missed

In the scroll game anyway and that we wanted to save here on the

Site as well for those that do not entertain social media

and in a place for those who may have missed it in the scroll.

There are many branches of Tantra Indeed all most beautiful Interesting And offering something for all One can resonate with this or that and allow oneself to be served by that which you resonate with. In many Tantra branches There exists the tradition of having Disciples very trained devotees And I commend all and have no fear regarding the differences But in Vama we do not have Disciples. I have been asked many times about this and people have offered themselves to be my disciples and devotees to me Although Again I embrace differences, respect and bow to all refelections of myself that is not part of my path. And again is a good reason to really explore and research that which you get into. Be it as a bandwagon fan, as an explorer or seeker.. End the laziness and educate yourself on these things as with Tantra other subjects and practices are also a full spectrum of variations. Much love

I had the pleasure of hearing this man in person when I spent a season in Gainesville Florida. The amount of money that even goes into marketing things from the packaging to the symbols to the testing of where people's eyes roam during a commercial or when looking at a picture, endless precise tools are used and have been used. Is re training the mind and freeing yourself of a lifelong conditioning, difficult? No it's genuinely not. It's a choice but the conditioning and the owning of the mind is each individuals struggle and path which can be easier in a state of awareness and trust in self. The actual liberation is a choice how much you cling to the old is also a choice. . Can it be difficult? Yes. It can be the struggle of your life or ...not Shakti

Psychedelics and Psychonaught Travelers and seekers

When talking about the Plant Medicine there is so much to say. 

I have been conducting guided Shamanic journeys the past three years along with the tantric journeys. 

Most were all breath, many were a combination of things. The elements present had to do with the reason that person wanted to breathe heavily and get into this particular type of journey. Another batch of things to consider were the health matters if any, of concern. The experience of any altered state. 

Breath only journeys can get intense as well. 

So a combination of serious things to consider with the individuals as a guide. 

Working with various plants I must admit I did seasons as I call it, with some. I kept going deeper and deeper so I did. With others it was more so the quality for lack of a better word. The depth of  the journey was more so life changing and unraveling. 

Others like Ibogaine were a totally different experience, far more monitored as they were tribal in my case. 

Others left me warnings that overflowed into the waking daily life or predictions sort of future revelation kinda vibe. 

Others took me to entities energies I felt not of this world or presented me as an ancestor or showed me the moment of the sound, expansion and spark. Not necessarily in that order. 

They showed me the chaos, the disorder in perfect order and so on. 

The nothingness within all. 

And so on. 

The plants I worked with I learned to Navigate with and the effects and the places they took me to, the sacref vision all stayed with me. I see what my journeymen see even during just Hawaiian healing Lomi Lomi massages. 

You tune in. Into the space. 

Human words are limiting for these are not things or acts yet labeled. 

Label*less you just do it and open yourself to it. You just do it. 

The integration with all that is remained. Remains ..

I reach altered states through breath alone more so now, regularly and in sync with my meditation practice.

Asolutely love microdosing concept along with inner journey work ~ even if you are just working on focus~ meditation practice and breath all together to really get the benefits of this. 

And a shaman doesn't have you at the teet. Our goal or a Shamans goal is to teach you to heal yourself. Very much a mutual yet independent journey. 

Just to give you a little more background on the Psychonaught in me. 

At the end of the video what got cut off was my recomending all to read books on actual plant science. How they communicate and read the environment etc. Amazing knowledge every where and in every thing and everyone something to learn. 

Much love



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