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Since it be a censored censored world out there

And Another book recommendation

"For us males, the woman, born for a holy destiny, is the only being that can liberate us from the chain of pain. For women the male is something similar; she sees in the man all hope, all protection; she wants to be completed by the man."

Quote by the Great #SamaelAunWeor

However you must comprehend this in no way related to the low vibration

"You complete me"

“It is necessary to comprehend what love is, for love cannot be mixed with jealousy, passion, violence, fear, attachments, psychological dependency, etc. Regrettably, love does not exist in ordinary human beings, and it is not a thing that can be acquired, bought, or cultivated like a greenhouse plant, etc. Love must be born within us, and it can only be born within us when we have comprehended in depth the hatred that we carry within, as well as after having comprehended fear, sexual passions, psychological slavery and dependency within us; we must comprehend what these psychological defects are, and how they are processed within us, not only on the intellectual level of life, but also in other hidden and unknown levels of our subconsciousness. It is necessary to extract all these defects from within the many nooks of the mind; it is only in this manner, in a spontaneous and pure manner, that love can be born within us. Hence, to want to transform the world without the flame of love is impossible. Only love can truly transform the world.” -Samael Aun Weor All that he ever wrote was Magic

Gratitude to only gnostic masters for this reminder This be a book I didn't keep in my collection however I did keep a PDF of it Anything he ever wrote was brilliant! For advanced and beginner #Tantra for #women As male services and offerings will be simply for my longer term males I like progress not doing same journey over and over It's not you It's a me thing🙏🤓🐼😜❤🙏 Although you can always explore Onlyfans.com/shaktidurgame

And inquire if truly interested in Non Sexual traditional Tantra You DO in tantra you don't try And hard to get tantric with someone else when you are not Tantric with YO Self #Recommendations #book. #shaktisbookclub #Shaktidurgahealingarts #WomenOnly #goddess #love #samaelaunweor #sexology #divinefeminine #sacredmasculine #Sunday #read #Florida #Vegas in April Prebook early


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