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Updated: May 24

Through out the ages you would think that we would be as liberated as we are programmed and trained to believe.

These are the beautiful work of

On display at

The World Erotic Art Museum in Miami Beach Florida


Those pieces are in Modern times.



And seen as let's face it


People in parts of the world believe they are too risque' and see them as DIRTY

Don't even believe for a moment that many buy some works of art like these and instead of placing them anywhere to be seen, place them in closets or behind doors.

As an artist in some circles I would come across some that told me how they didn't sell the oil on canvas painting that included nudity or "kink" but that instead they would make money by selling a poster of it. Not for the simple reasons of weight and practicality but for a very silly reason.

So that as a poster they could enjoy it but hang it behind their bedroom doors or on the closet.

*raise brow*

Yes of course if you have children or under age visitors

something like this

would be much or you could use it to educate your younger ones and we could also be in a society that worshipped and honored the human body.

The human experience.

Much like we once


(Pay close attention to the dates of these ..some treasures and artifacts)

Please come back to this blog as the amazing display of our history will be continued.

For now entering low connection

Gypsy is on the move into nature for the day 😊❤😊


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