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Similarities Conditioning and seekers

The teachings are

A. From more than one path because if you research deep enough, a pretty close to a lifetime, you find the similarities in all of them. Perfectly manipulated& hidden to keep us believing we are so different and by that dividing and conquering even more.

Fully explained as well btw

B. The teachings are at times sexual in nature meaning sexual energy

Sexual energy is not sex.

The teachings are for purposes of healing

Healing the root.

Sexually & mind body wise mentally for example the "performance" in sex is not about performance. You are not in a play performing for someone. You are living. "Living" therefore if you eliminate the embedded need to perform sexually it will cross over into your daily life.

Because most are in auto pilot performing most of the day. According to the role they play or character they chose to allow all to develop them into.

& among a wealth of never ending information

As in if you sign up now you will have a good 6 months even if you did it every day of all new things to do.

Be it breath

#Mental #strengthtraining

#Sexual #healing positions

Sacred Anatomy

Energy manipulation tools and more

But not just for your vagina or penis

For clearing energy

#Chakra balance

#liberation from the mind

And more

It's sad when people only see it as sex when the teachings are about more.


True tantra expands you

It takes you not just your sexuality next level

The sexual Kung Fu techniques are about your personal power.

You aren't just a cock or pussy

You are an energy body within the greatest Neurological bio chemical avatar ever Basically🙏

Far more than an instant gratification multi tasking disconnected slave to a system that isn't even yours not your true nature ...you are part of a #collective.

You need not drop acid to see that & if you do ...why with all the Ayahuasca and psychedelics is not all bright and sunny a bed of roses? Because if you vibrate faster, if you're owning the mind then the whole needs to be


Strengthen the body to house that stronger energy body. Strengthen your ability to own the mind and your WILL plus strengthen your ability to remain in



Only fans.com/Shaktidurgame

Is a subscription to not just a few pictures and skin but to teachings of the






Sexual Kung Fu and more


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