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“If there is something that humanity cannot complain about, it is a lack of opportunities for Self-realization. In every moment the keys to the mysteries have existed over the face of the Earth. There have always been Masters of Wisdom in charge of guiding the neophytes in the search for the Truth that can can only be experienced in an individual manner with the help of precise techniques revealed by an authentic Initiate.“  Samuel A Weor

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We are conditioned to need to be liked.

We waste so much energy on this ... we get trapped im the cages of our dependencies,

Conflicting needs


And grow farther away from what we truly are.


embrace your true power & Divinity

Happy Days

May your sexuality be sacred & labeless.

Defined by none but you.

May you speak your truth. Set your boundaries. Accept when you have given over your power. Need time to grow, heal and when you are so liberated that you are needless & orgasmic just on you & life

Vos sos la Droga


In order to Introduce more beautiful souls into the Shamanic and transcending experiences

Plus keep it affordable vs offer something great and so necessary in these times but make it unaffordable so only few can get these sweet tools to use.

Small events are my only way plus only fans and free podcast

Reason why I ask all to share me and this endeavor because a life changing retreat can cost 4k or I wven heard of 50k but you know what?

It is ultimately you who must do the work.

It is you who must have the courage and you! Who this is all about.

I am on my path and on this path one can not even believe themselves to be a teacher ..what one does is pass on sacred knowledge.

It is you ..YOU..who can transmute that knowledge to wisdom.

Also on my path one must not change the shakles of conditioning and illusion for those of the business of spirituality.

Yes I must eat but even when we (as a family) thought I would need Eye transplants was it reason enough for me to accept 9k to be an on call prostitute for a major athlete.

It's not the way and when you stand for Something bigger than yourself in this physical shell it is easy to not fall for anything.

And actually I turned the money down that day because I did not like the way in which I was spoken to.

And I healed within 4 months of reversing what a bad diagnosis had done and am now reversing more ...now gaining back more of my vision on so many levels.

But that's another days story.


Orlando And Miami

Orlando location is in Thornton Park

Miami location is in Wynwood

Get on the list and subscribe or do both or just text me

To be notified about our next

Group Past Life Regression

All breath

All shamanic techniques

From Yoruba to Nagual to Prana

You WILL journey!

Max of 10 people

When we have an Anchor or second person that does what I do. My lovely assistant then I can do a group of 20



And traveling things around the space to assist our journey.

Cost is $40pp

$30 for those who have journeyed with me before.

Must allow 3 hours minimum for this


Orlando one last weekend in April


Weekend after mother's day

You will also learn how to induce some lucid dreaming and things to do to continue retrieving past life Intel.

A shaman teaches you to do things for yourself.

That is the true genuine way.


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