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The Deer Exercise is great for women and men for Vitality and in my personal practice was how I survived 5 years of celibacy. Haha. Actually was only a sliver. I posted this technique for women first because We will build upon it as we go. We will addon much like in the ways of a hatha or vinyasa Yoga sequence. For my gentlemen I will post up the best technique how to's but I will also post video giving more information on variations. These can be used by those in Transition from male to Female Not necessarily or I personally would not recommend from female to male. The onlyfans.com/shaktidurgame is now up. My assistant from the heavens ..🤓🙏 Quan is the one handling promotion subscription bundles etc so from what I see 2 promotions are up. Many thanks and gratitude. For in person journeys #Tantric #pastliferegression #Shamanic #akashic #visionquest Tantra For #Women journeys including #Wombmassage #healing #yoni exercises #lomilomi #massage hawaiian style healing hands And to book final days of tantra for men Contact via website or contact info on this IG website www.shaktidurgahealingarts.com Free blog Free podcast link Free info on each post Part Onlyfans.com proceeds will go to a charity chosen each season Namaste The Guru has boobs and ink, a mouth like a sailor all in yummy fun and a brain that is off exploring the other 90% of itself, a lover of the gnostic, mystic and Science Deal with it. The Divine Feminine is evolving.

I have a tight like a tiger inner circle Many can follow Many can get my attention Few hold and keep that attention I love all All I like few people Love all Like few Explore new people but all depends not on how much money they make but on how our interacting will serve Serve My purpose as well as theirs. Huge difference from "What's your name? What's your sign? Where are you from?" The vibe will tell me as well as my self love and mindfulness. I Share space with few I work my business like I work my spirituality. All social media reads loud transparent and clear I am Who I fucking am Few survived me up until now 🙏 The hellion days were not days for cultivating healthy relationships but were totally worth my time as they were lessons all in all that got me to this delish point of inner peace essence. I like this. And all are my gurus But like evetyone? Nope Have compasdion and love when saying Fuck off? Yes Of course Be at ease Mmmhhhmmm Shakti

I have been hearing "You have too much faith in people" Or "People aren't worth it" Or Do this this way Or Look at that do it like that Or Love like this Or like that Or this way This path That path This diet That diet Carbs No carbs Dress like this or that isn't in style Fatter Skinnier Whiter Blacker Exotic Blah blah Blah I'm me Comfortable as fuck in this suit am in And my path isn't for sale Actually Dr broke the mold when he got me through the portal lol no way to copy or do my path Am blazing it as I go along. I fuck like I fuck Fuck only who I feel comfortable 100% with Choose to Not highest bidder But highest vibe chiller Don't twerk I sway I sway delay breathe Call me kinky Call me boring Call me don't call me I feelz I gotta gift in this independant vibe alone Outcast Trending All in one breath My breath The only one I got #be Be You Fuck the norm


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