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Third eye piece to go with onlyfans breath post

Updated: Jul 4

I gave up on trying to figure out the restricted text. I took out alot and finally just decided to post it here but it also gives quick visitors a chance to see that this is just a sample of what's going on at


Plus nudity lol hay nudity is not dirty What is dirty is your perception..foggy lenses.


Breath 3rd Eye

We will cover this one a bit and I will go back down to heart and throat Breath techniques so you can have a little more info on them. Although as everything I pass on it is in layers.

You can't skip around in this or go from not knowing an energy center and feeling disconnected or over thinking to Tantric Sex no matter how much you slow that shag down. I won't lie to you. I can't because I am on my path for deeper purposes not to sell a tantric sex course.

I have done it for years before it was trending and not for the sex part.

After exploring Fetish and porn star sex every night role playing I did however feel that there was no comparison. No matter how good a dick there just was no comparison and I say this as no offense or show of dislike to past non tantric partners as I am fair in my case it is a preference. A deep rooted one. Lol. I wanted more from my path and out of my path and so jumped back into it. Leaving behind all the conventional sex that just did not fullfill. It was good but always left me wanting. It was too wrapped up in control games and guilt or shame and lacked the experience of the connection I had had with previous partners.

Even now I choose to have tantric experiences with evolving partners because it's just amazing. When I have tried going back to same old no matter how awesome the washboard and and bronze the skin, sweet the accent and long the hair ..uh uh .nope ..not possible to go back. Lol


Onto the fun part.


Third eye:

Located between the brows this is a great energy center and very dynamic for inner vision, foresight, clearly seeing, seeing with your soul not your mind. The mind limits you.

Try being in the jungle not knowing or ever having seen an eye lash viper for example.

Your mind is looking out for things From the memory banks and its stored collected data.

Well the eye lash viper is small however can get ya bad and blends into certain scenery quite well. You could be right in front of it and miss it. Not because you aren't seeing it but because your mind us telling you that you are not. Because your mind limits you many many times a day.

In the Tao and other teachings like the Nagual it is said we have 3 minds

Lower mind (gut mind)

Heart mind

Upper mind


But for now you feel me? The physical eyes see much but with the mind at the wheel they become limited.

The soul your energy can see and sense far more especially when it is truly dialed in.

👉A sluggish or slow and blocked third eye can manifest things such as these:

Stagnant energy overall

Lack of trust in yourself.

Poor connection to that inner voice

Overly negative perception

Poor motivation

Lack of vision as in visionary vision

Sluggish routines

Frontal head aches

Clogged sinus

Sinus pressure

Poor immune system

Poor metabolic function

Pituitary gland functions down or poor

Low immune system

Sick very often

Now we go to the flip side

👉When you have a hyper third eye

Too much scattered energy

Over spin

You can experience

Psychological and psychic stress

You can experience what someone here mentioned:

Getting lost in an endless stream of phantasma visions, lack of balance of what is real, a rush of nonsensical information.

When the 3rd eye begins opening without the balanced support of lower chakras due to rushing this can happen. Absolutely. Once again

When the other chakras are balanced you see clearly and experience the connection more not less.

Now when this chakra is opening and healthy opening you have more foresight more visions but you do not feel detached disconnected. You instead feel that connection more and are more so~ on a path of owning the experience through observance and surrender to the flow while intently playing/working with it.

You don't feel a detached overwhelmed confusion and break in reality. However if overactive and unbalanced- yes! You can.

(Disclaimers have been given. Approach the practice without respect .it will bite ya)

And No

Ya can't rush your healing no matter how hard you rub or wank.

Not being mean but I do take people seriously and am straight forward. I have seen a whole lot along my path and I actually do care about those I work with.

When 3rd eye is hyper active a person will tend to prefer being in fantasy worlds as they slowly detach more and more.

When 3rd eye is healthy

Decisions are easier

You see that sweet spot point in Neutrality

You are compassionate but not attached

When hyper active decisions are not easy. Distinguishing what is real and not is harder. You get indecisive and overwhelmed by racing thoughts. You also experience lack of focus.

At times the energy body goes next level in one area and this causes an imbalance all over again.


Because the expansion is limitless.

You go deeper in Neutrality

Your energy speeds up but that doesn't mean it reaches a set level. That be old way thinking.

And so we go back and balance out again.

I can very well see alot when I see a person I sense I entered my neutrality point and then suddenly I had to learn to live in neutrality in a duality based world.

Not easy.

At one point My heart chakra expanded rapidly it was intense as fuck and great yes! However then the emotional sensitivity became insane lol so I had to balance that.

It is a constant adjusting of the dial as you go deeper in the expansion you are constantly adjusting and surrendering more.

But worth all of it.


Now back to hyper active 3rd eye

Physical symptoms can include but not limited to:

Vision problems


Upset tummy (restricted word hear but when your meal cones out ya mouth)




Mental fog ( such as a person questioning is it a deja vu or a memory or is it real)

___________personal note share on a more advanced level______

👁For me since vision issue was neurological car accident related I strengthened my third eye and very few people treat me as a low vision person because I learned to use all my senses and I do this and more advanced 3rd eye breathing as well as rolling eyes back and in many odd ways lol to strengthen the eye muscle. But I too have come across times when it's been intense. 🙏

I hear a person saying Nice to meet you but I feel and sense their discomfort and envy or whatever is deeply going on in their soul that I do not always want to know lol.

So I adjust and remain in that neutrality

Just in case you think the rabbit hole ends.


Expansion baby

Not limited paradigm. In a sense I pass on that Exploring the other 90% of that big fat mind we have takes courage.



The best healing for this hyper or overactive 3rd eye energy center is balancing out and truly healing/confronting the issues in the lower chakras.


Self acceptance

Self care

Non judgement of self which later overflows into non judgement of others

Some including myself are into crystals and sound.

I personally have slept in a bed surrounded by crystals and in a bed of crystals and trust. .It was fantastic.

When I did I thought BS this isn't going to make such a big difference or impact in my practice and oh .i was wrong. Lol it was fucking rad as fuck.

Healing healthy rad.

Foods are great

Foods for third eye include

Blue berries


Purple kale

Purple sweet potatoes



Gogi berries


Chats mushrooms

Lemon juice

I am working on adding nutrition up to the blog again but only so many projects my punk ass can do 😂 but I shall add it here as well as we go deeper.

Violet is the beautiful color for this chakra

The rest we will discuss as we go deeper into the chakra energy centers

Adding the sounds for each one next time around and in the future going into the 8th 9th and 10th chakras plus the 41 or so minor ones

When I say full course I mean it.

It is a gift which am not bragging instead I often feel a little sad and I do my own internal work but I get told at times

"Man I wish I really room advantage of having you so near!"

Now I just say

Ya got a shaman in the house do ask away

But I also know that I am only able to feed open mouths

Open minds

And we accept and move on

And heal and feel the person's frustration or lament but we must let go and allow at all levels more and more.

Tantra and life at this depth to me never gets old and that is why I say it would be perfect for addicts lol it's always a new fix! Haha

There are many more third eye breaths but now that I have gotten 2 messages from people not having good experiences due to rushing and not owning their shit I must be more serious.

If I have to say it 100 times I will

You can not rush this

You must release that instant gratification shit

You can not rush your healing

You should not skip steps

One person was wanking all night asking me at 3am if he should continue?


You just started and just became aware that edging swells up your prostate...am sorry but please respect the practice if not your body.

Much love 💘 Shakti

©2020 Shakti Durga Healing Arts 🌻

Product recommendation teas herbs and such

Third eye tea

Known asajna, the center of insight and intuition, the third eye chakrais located between the eyebrows, and, sometimes is described as being located behind the eyes, in the middle of the head. This chakra is the main point of intuition, focus, knowledge, and when attuned, can assist with comprehending thebig picture. An imbalance of this chakra may lead to poor decision-making, self-doubt, and self-deception. When not balanced, this chakra will also likely cause sleep disturbances, as it is associated with the pineal gland, where sleep is regulated. If you desire cultivatingmysticalexperiences, it is suggested that working with thethird chakracan help take you there. A useful affirmation to concentrate on while meditating with this chakra is:I see.



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