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What I mean by MY Tantra partners

Tantra Partners definition to ME & knowing thyself from the beauty angle and what you SEE.

But first Ty to Quan for cummingback to edit (eyes even on good days blur some letters) And by the way since many assume or guess~


When I say MY tantra partners.

Don't get Yo panties in a whirl or put em in your mouth yet..

I had my first tantra experience I remember to the date November 10th 2000

Unexpected and we both freaked out actually, very much so. With my beautiful Joel

After him I had a very cool relationship with an Irish/British/French decent man who based on his work /career path was not someone you would "expect/assume" to be tantric or know Tantra. But he was very advanced.

Then I had a sexual relationship with a 22/23yr old man..but was like 2 scientists exploring many techniques described in Egyptian and earlier sacred text. .

We would dive into even the likes of Crowley and his writings.

Purely sexual and who I went to Burning Man with years later. So still top notch friend.

Very much so but absolutely no sex since out of extreme respect for his later girl friends and goddess now.

Later and now I have friends that through out the years and Festival season of my life. Especially at the Tantric festivals we would end up spending time together but mainly a very "catch up" ..this is what I can do this is what you can do and a very solid almost scientific approach.

Fast forward

I had a tantra partner in Tahoe.

First man I picked right off the massage table.

3 years ago.

I had done the 10months of celibacy (something I do on and off. It's a great cleanser)

Had visited the Ranches of Nevada and Dennis Hof already and was going to stay in one place for a while.

So I wanted to practice all I had leveled up to and had a lot of energy in store.

I was also going through the lesson of beauty & labels in my studes.

[Beauty and a tid bit on the beautiful*******]

Taking off the labels of beauty.

Whaaat is that?

Stepping outside and actually feeling people.

As in

What do I feel when I am around this person or that person?

What do I feel when I walk past that person?

What am I feeling as that person approaches me?

Not what do I think. Or what have others told me is beautiful. Not how do others define beauty. How do I define it.

How do I feel?

If neutral nothing fine

Then pretty good

No reason to judge them as beautiful or ugly.

Because what is beautiful to me now is what makes me feel good ya see.

It is not what this person says is beautiful.

I like long noses and according to most those are not beautiful but I find them sculpture like stoic and long noses feel good on my pussy.

So to me long noses are beautiful.

What the others say or label them as is of no interest to me.

I~ upon meeting my Tahoe partner had never been with someone as big. Big ole linebacker white big mountain man.

Not outta shape at all

He would snow board all day.

Went on very long hikes and bike rides all around the mountain no doubt.


He was not what I had ever dated or banged.

And since I was on the life lesson of beautiful. I was not going to set him aside as not my type.

During his session "Tahoe" actually would have preferred sex upon entering my space.

Once he heard the speech I gave at the begining with

A list of what was going to happen

What he may or may not feel and all else

He decided ok "Lets do this!"

He was a fan of a good massage anyway and if this shit was real he was going to find out.

He blew me the fuck away.

Upon feeling his orgasm come

His upper torso shot up as he forcefully did his shamanic breath (about 10 breaths and my techniques taught you and did to you in the massage got it to stop if on awareness you caught it right when you had to).

He went into a wave of body spasms as the energy spread throughout his body.

My eyes had to have opened wide like saucers as his remained closed and he held his breath to witness his Orgasm.

We went again.

Massaging and spreading the energy and sending it to where he needed it.

He stopped it again!

This time feeling almost what one could describe as a mindgasm. His hands went to his head as he did his shamanic breath because he said at one point he felt his upper head/his mind vibrating.

He went for 3 and on the third

HE ALLOWED himself to release.

This impressed me alot.

His chakras were all clear except for 1


You would say whaaat? but he could


The chakra energy I felt was very cool and on point.

He was a good guy great man just a little to clean up.

His "I can" was not slow it was hyper and I felt it.

His I can was healthy except for one hyper little hic up which is not the basis of the story and his journey.

After the massage I saw him with his face looking to the floor as he thought about it.

I asked him

And he helped me feel sure about my journeys hahaha

I asked him

"So do you think that needed or needs anything else?

He said "No"

Then added "that shit was intense!"

Coming from a snow boarder big guy poker playing, risk taker successful business man ...that was good.

He wasn't a BS artist he was straight up and most of the time intimidated people.

Afterwards that night "I thought if that man calls me again I am offering him free tantra!"

He called the next day around 1pm

"Is this going to go away? I swear I have had a hard-on all day!"

I laughed and said "YES!! That makes sense because you had such awesome energy! And yes it will.....and btw..."

And we began the path to the 81 thrusts and more.

We bowed to eachother upon saying cheers and thank you and good bye 4 months later.

He was honest when unable to be in the mindset because he knew for me this was very different and he felt he had to be able to bring his A game.

He would say things like

"I need to hydrate before you"

And it was fantastic that he understood that I was guiding him through alot and fast so that I could get to do advanced things that would hurt


Another person because of my energy.

If you do not respect the practice it will bite ya.

******* Tantra partners now

My more advanced comrade in this, is a man of 60 who looks about 45. He lives in Germany and for many years lived at Zegg a very sexually liberated intentional community.

He flies all over and when we land in a same state we see eachother.

Discussing what we have explored since we been apart and always definitely worth the wait.

Quan is my assistant and friend in Thailand but originally from China and had been traveling around the globe to make her way back to US after Bali and Hawaii for Burning Man.

We be ~ya see Nomads. And most of us do other jobs like magazine writing/research writing/content writing and so we travel~~~ but not as a Sugar Daddy expense!

She became a tantra partner at Burning Man and to continue in the virtual as both of us strengthened our abilities with distance learning.

Other Tantra partners are few.

Few are at the levels I have decided to explore.

So most must be guided for a while before I get to play my way. Many say they do but then fall short or get intimidated

One man in Miami was able to do 4 visits with me and we shagged on visit 3

But he did his breathing to a T

He was into the advanced wanting to release outta body

He needed very little

Remembering the rhythm of the 81 thrusts and doing them while breathing...

Upon our 4th time I was able to go outta body and do my Jacobs ladder plus we played.

He would pull me into his orgasm wave then I would pull him into mine and it was very much so a partnership.

He wanted to add a kink factor and use light bondage on himself but understood this was about understanding that He had to do his part of the techniques primarily so I would not have to leave my higher state to help him.

Although lightly bondaged up he was going to rise and do his part as the sacred masculine in this.

And he did 100%

Afterwards I thanked him.

I can not

You can not fake at Tantra

If you lack then the moment will lack

If you are not an advanced tantric you can not fake it.

At the moment my plans are to wrap up eye treatment in mainland and I shall be coming back to States for different diagnostics and treatments always but the moving back to the mountain life and out of civilization life I am about~ is always a part of my plans.

So the hunt for a tantra partner to do video work with is on

Because I know people need to see it. Huge difference.

To watch two not just tantrics but alchemists fuck is different.

Noisey animal like too lol.

And of course a tantra partner for non work related I have about 3 or 4 that I solidly consider partners but we aren't shagging 50 times a day...we live.

And so one is stuck in Argentina when not climbing Machu Pichu and saving the world

Another is creating music in Crete

And another is in Goa India

Plus my Quan

As travelers the Covid got us in a most unique way. It got us to stay still.

Advanced tantrics and devotees are very solid on why we do it. And who we exchange energy with.

A massage is a massage. Fucking to me is Energy Play

I do not do healings through my pussy

I teach you to heal yourself

I cleared my chakras doing all this and more over the YEARS

Why pray tell would I want someone elses unkept/uncared for /loose end/baggage?

Why would I want someones frustration filled load???!!!

Why would anyone?

Man or woman?

Why do you accept lower energy? That be on you and absolutely respectable but I spent way too long walking my path to go backwards.

For me even on the project to do video work I would need to do at least once a week in person or online to see and know that the person is at the very least trying to own their shit.

Its higher fucking if you want to be crude and rude and call it that and can not be faked.

Just like Ya can't pretend to be a bartender in a fast paced Bar❤

Just sayin


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