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What's going on in my onlyfans? Darlin' you couldn't even begin to imagine

This is a post from my only fans.

It is a post that goes hand in hand with

the techniques working properly and with chakra clearing.

This also is very much tied to my Nagual and vama marga Tantra teachings.

When it comes to our lower chakras that must be clear and good and healthy for that energy to rise we have some very hard perhaps but basic things to address and do introspection on.

Tantra requieres you to. It's not Tantra if it doesn't.

It's slow sex bull shit made to sell Tantra. Not even Osho who loved luxury and women said that Tantra was simply slow sex.

No. He said you had to let go and surrender and that doing so was a simple matter of letting go but he knew and stated that letting go also meant you had to get past your programmed and conditioned mind.

So for the lower chakras and for ultimate liberation and expansion you must address and dive deep into your waters by owning and resolving and confronting your shadow self when it comes down to sex and if brave enough to the rest if your baggage.

For example:

Ask yourself

Is there anything sexually that I feel guilt or shame for/ about?

Who are you really, sexually speaking?

And I do mean really. Who are you sexually in your mind?

What is your true sexual identity when you fantasize or are with another and what part of that sexual identity do you keep hidden?

Do you blame others

Do you blame events

For your sexual identity, "lack of performance" or anything else?

These are all very profound questions but why not ask them of yourself if you are not sexually satisfied?

Any change requires courage.

Any improvement for the better requires leaving past things behind and letting go of what does not serve you.

I could put post after post but if you do not do the work it is not Tantra nor will the techniques work to the expansion that they should and could.

Plain and simple.

And that is why I don't charge

$1000 a workshop a seminar.

I could and there are those that could but why? When deep in my heart I am in awareness positive that only you can really make this truly serve you and work.

Only you know your and the shadow self that must be confronted. I have humility and compassion and tits and an ass.

I rather be a rare gem than a stone or pebble in the rubbish of greed.

However I also know my personal value because I did do the inner work and that is the only reason why I CAN come just by breathing and why I cam reach my "zone" no matter what within minutes.

I wish that for all sexually.

To be a needless lover is mmmhhhmm by far the best.

Now once your down there with the shadow self

Ask yourself what is keeping you from being all that you can be sexually?

Why don't you let it out?

Why do you feel hopeless in this yet successful in other areas?

This has to do with your cock or your pussy so why are you giving up control to others.

Why are you unfulfilled?

What keeps you from being fulfilled?

Why are you not expressing your true sexual nature?

What's keeping you from doing so?

A religious group?

A religious or societal affiliation?

Have you heard about the Catholic scandals.

Being who you truly are with your sexual partner

Expressing yourself to your partner in honesty and with love and compassion is not a sin nor wrong.

Living a lie is far worse.

And if you are and don't feel guilty then you should be fulfilled so carry on. And be happy.

Ask yourself more questions


What are your fears,Sexually speaking?


What are you doing for your sexual health?

What are you doing for your in general, mind/body/soul connection and well being?

And what barriers

What road blocks do you put up and raise so that true sexual intimacy does not happen?

Not blame yourself.

This isn't about being 2 years old and running in the corner knowing you did it and pointing fingers or feeling guilty and blaming yourself and therefore crying.


This is about courage to at least own who and bow and what uou are in the fucking bedroom.

This is about you and no one else at the end of the day.

Like life.

It's about smiling at the ownership

You votta own it and face it confront it to resolve it

You have to create or reinvent yourself as a lover.

You reinvent yourself in your 30s then in that sweet middle age and then again as an elder

I know 70 year olds that are having the best sex ever becaise they went there.

To their inner most self and owned it and took responsibility and reinvented themselves sexually as they did in life and the exterior.

So it's most definitely worth it.

When I would see a couple of 70 year olds looking healthy, doing yoga, dancing and smiling all sexy because they are going to turn in and Play or because they got themselves a hot younger couple to play with at a tantra festival it always made me happy!

Or when an older man of 75 or more calls me to give his wife a tantric massage without penetration a pure yoni meaning womb massage and he holds her with his eyes closed sending her love freely allowing her to be healed and led to orgasm ...my faith is restored!

And it has happened no story made up or anything. It has given me amazing tingles and faith that

Yes! There are needless lovers

There is that caliber of inner strength that we can reach and draw from.

It exists.

The last for now of these introspection questions are these:

How do you manipulate others with your sexuality?


How do you use your sexuality?

Are you afraid of being rejected?


Can you take rejection?

Why do you expose yourself to a person who rejects you miltiple times?

These are all very lower chakra

Energy center related

Things that are answered here through those questions when answered honestly lead you

Lead us to sexual liberation

Liberation has no why no bow no winner no loser

It has freedom oozing all over ya


It is an amazing gift and pleasure to fuck a free liberated man or woman.

It is not as rare as you think however not a dime a dozen either.

So I leave YOU with quite a task at times for some.

But remember you must be truthful and compassionate with yourselves, if you can not be truthful with yourself how can you expect others to be?

If in a partnership then work on these as a team not as competitors.

As a team that values each member and what each has to offer once all is freed.

As peaceful needless lovers because those are the ones that are truly


Truly pure unadulterated fire!

Answering these and working on these leads you to balance of that divine feminine and sacred masculine within

Ya know why? Ya know how?

Because asking them of yourself requires strength

Answering them requires strength ccompassion nobility courage and humility

All elements of the balance you seek

And that balance leads to the best sexual bliss

Liberation and

Baby when you are sexually liberated you don't perform, you become a sexual spiritual experience!

Much love


©2020 Shakti Durga Healing Arts 🌻


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