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You create the lesson plan & a little on my personal path path not for sale. You must DO you

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

By oneself is evil done; by oneself is one defiled. By oneself is evil left undone; by oneself is one made pure. Purity and impurity depend on oneself; no one can purify another.” – The Buddha (Dhammapada) You design your path. You are the one. No guru, no master, no Buddha, no retreat, app, festival, book can do it for you. You give yourself the tests and then you choose whether what lesson to learn. A bit different than the conventional school system. You spiral. You pass through ports and roads you already went down to either make sure you really learned that lesson ( because deep inside you know what's up) Or you know that that lesson is one you must learn at a higher level for the path that you have chosen to design for yourself. You are the Ocean The grains of sand The waves And all that you see Shakti Durga Healing Arts New podcast episode For my goddesses Small chat on womb Yoni healing and meditation Link will be up in blog at www.shaktidurgahealingarts.com And yes the podcast is getting more of my attention. Due to audio book coming in 2020 -------------------the hash_______ #glowinto2020 #ocean #glow #womb #wombhealing #creation #manifest #lessons #tests #palabras #letras #sanacion #spiritualawakening #empowerment #reality #activateYourself #shaktidurgahealingarts #podcast #blog #goddess #knoledgedrop #Buddha #quotes

And pictures

Hair is going purple or back to Monroe look from 2 years ago

I gotta be me haha and I am a catalyst

A change wizard

A chameleon

I am another you

Sometimes yes indeed I must show my sexy feminine side which still deserves and will not accept anything but respect because I am a woman and I CAN

Women can be intelligent geeks nerds philosophers chefs healers and goddesses all in one.

We are reinventing our purpose baby. Mmmmmmhhhhmmmm

It is time to reinvent our purpose

The old one no longer serves us nor can we go back to it.

Much 💘

Update add on plus a huge Mahalo!

Cross reference everything do not take my word alone for golden truth. My path is not for sale because it is mine. Forged from grandmother's who were greats in spiritism, Santeria and indigenous ways By great White Tigress Taoist teachers, by philosophy teachers in India, by a long road of personally being taught under voodoo priests, Santeria babalaowos, gnostic luciferian high priestess, Lakota tribe grandmother, Quodoushka teachers and a very amazing short interaction with one of the greatest twisted minds of Necromancy of all time.

Travels across countries even by city bus and backpacks to help farms to learn sustainability and study first hand medicinal herbs as well as sit with indigeonous tribes in remote areas.

Plus my own all natural self healing for which I have diagnostic proof and the applause of not just my body but Doctors who back my choice of combining science and traditional Chinese medicine and unconventional practices as well.

For Neurological an optical.

Plus my work as a Domina, Performer, as a Dark Eros student of John Hawken and provider and taking Tantra my way to the legal brothels in America with the Support of Dennis Hof.

In 2 years I did more than most in a lifetime, in 4 I myself am speechless, in just this Decade am humbled with extreme gratitude!

My path is not yours.

Nor am I your guru

Nor is your path mine.

To continue

Plus Paralegal studies, mortuary of Science studies

Two near deaths ( recorded and survived)

Trauma that would crush most and medical conditions.

Plus being involved in Transformation festivals, Tantra festivals, having to get used to a mind with a hi IQ and a fascination with and studies in math, science and sacred text, theosophy background.

My path was walked.

Not for sale.

All allowing me to work with, attract and learn from as well as teach people from all walks of life.

We are moving away from the control of religious dogmas and we are on the process of reinventing the purpose of not just the sacred masculine and divine feminine but humanity itself as a collective.

We failed as stewards of Mother Earth. We can not go back to hunting/conquering and just planting and mothering. We all are in a reinvention process.

Taking from the balance of Bruce Lee and the Tao, Jesus Christ, shavaism, shamanism and Thoth, the Sumarian, gnostic, alchemy, Samael Aun Weor, Madame Blavatsky, Crowley, Aldus Huxley and more etc I hunted for the similarities in all. The common threads.

But that was and is my path.

For the design of my own path. Which I only I can walk.

Here in this site and blog, podcast and personal teachings I give things for you to chose to use or not, for you to cross reference, study, incorporate into your life or not, see what you resonate with and go from there.

The liberation to design your own path in awareness is a beautiful one yet tough one as well.

You do what thou will

That be the law and the way.

Whether you design your path in awareness or not is all your choice.

Whether you wish to stay chained to division and doctrine interpreted by others vs hunting for the purest forms and earliest teachings is up to you.

Not me.

In these blogs you have podcast links

Book recommendations

And more

What you do with them is up to you.

For me all paths and journeys are sacred as there is no good or bad in non duality.

All are right and all are wrong depending on the point of perspective.

The more you understand the the Universal language of Math and the more you understand science the better off you will be. At least in my humble opinion.

Did ya read and digest that?

I work with those who are guided do not seek.

Who are ready to release the programming and control dogmas.

I dialogue I do not argue.

I do not take offense nor anger because I have done plenty of solitude time to make peace with wars within. In acceptance all are right and all are wrong depending on point of perspective.

Life is all of it.

In my humble opinion the point of being born in duality is to find the neutrality of it all. Beyond emotion beyond logic beyond it all.

Books books books

More added this weekend


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