Soul Retrieval (8 online or in person one on one journeys)

Soul Retrieval (8 online or in person one on one journeys)

After or Before purchase please email me  for  setting up a phone consultation and all that is included.  Please include Unraveling Conditioning in subject line.   This  includes 8 sessions that are geared towards  Unraveling the conditioning in which we are raised and brought up in and by.  Our parents carrying trauma and the programming in the language the weight of the words we are raised with and beyong that the ancestral and cultural aside from the immediate family and present life personal things that chain us and keep us from true liberation.


We learn and cover and practice the art of Shamanic journeying.


And yes even if you say that you are not good at visualization or that that "youtube" meditation didn't work for you.  A true shaman can take you there for a shaman guides you to heal yourself .  You can.  The illusion of the " I can't visualize" may just be one of the first limitations of conditioning we will remove.  Have an open mind and open heart as we unravel the conditioning and journey in levels throught the crystal grid, plant and animal grids, reach deep into the depths of self and heal.


These sessions include but not limited to: Guided mditations, Vision quest trance, Breath,  journeying is fundamental in our shamanic healing, animal spirit Nagual journey, healing the inner child journey, revisiting and healing trauma, experiencing the connection that we are and have as well as energy manipulation, energy cleanse and clearing.  Through joueneys you will begin to experience the oonnection that is already there and all that you are.  YOu will experience that reconnect with animal spirits, plant energy, earth  energy as well as spirit guides and the nature that You are.  For there is  nothing  outside of the self.   All of these are individually designed and unique to each person and individual seeker so that afterwards he or she not be a seeker but instead---  be guided.  Some may have more desire to heal ptsd inner child healing, fragmented self, depression, feelings of lack etc.  Therefore a free phone consultation and free intro online video chat is offered in order to design our journey together.  In Shamanism I am not higher or more than you.  We are equals and partners in your healing and journey.  


I am fully present when I do Shamanism therefore I do not concern myself with living in Time.  I am in the now so these are all done without a time limitation except for 3 hours..$ hours especially if there is trauma tends to be a lot not just for the individual but also for my energy which I value so very much for an energy body I am.  Am mentioning this because this is a little different from consumerism and marketplace conditioning.  Yes this indeed can be 12 hours of more once we are done but it is about the healing.  EAch session could very well be 250 each however again to me it is about the healing of that person.  sliding scale is offered for special cases as well as dividing up the payments into 3.  However I aske that you as well set  up time for your healing and during sessions have uninterrupted space.  Much gratitude.


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