Shamanic Psychonaught journey

Shamanic Psychonaught journey

The Free 15 to 30 minute Shamanic intro comes along with this that can be done at any time prior to this. Once ready this is a 1hr online offering to accompany your microdosing experience. During phone consultation prior to all we can discuss microdosing, if you are, ascension, energy cleansing,  and your practice plus go over important information so that you can incorporate this into your life practice. Through breath and shamanic therapy we can dive into navigation and you energy body experience.  Through Shamanic Trance breath no plant medicine is needed however for those that are and when I  pass on teachings you learn the art of Navigating any plant medicine realms. This knowledge and practice  enables you to carry that skill of navigation over into your physical life and begin your journey on positive integration into This the collective the eco system we are indeed a part of. Micro dosing can help on so many levels however owning the mind body, the mental body and the physical body takes it to a higher longer lasting more fullfilling level. The Shamanic intro and psychonaught journeys are described fully in the blog as is my background in the about page on the website. Once again a free phone consultation plus the intro are a part of this. Total time with call and intro plus 1hr journey can be up to 2 hours or more. I prefer taking the time and passing on the teachings right verses fast and incorrectly just to make the dollar. So please allow adequate time. For your self and this your microdose/breath experience.


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