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Intros and salutations

Becoming Tantric truly just came to me. The path rose up to meet my feet as I used breath techniques, presence in the moment at a time when I had had enough with escapism and coping. I was facing a fork in the road and necessary changes we're much needed. I did not wish to continue with separating my spiritual practice from my life practice.

I did not wish to separate sex and the physical from my true nature. Accommodating this behavior or this pleasure to those of society. I was not ashamed of sexual energy. I loved it and I also did not want to or need to hook up feverishly looking for something outside of myself. I loved and love intimacy and can be very intimate without being sexual. I did not believe in monogamy because I had to and did not agree with it being a forced part of a relationship.

I Rather have it occur naturally in a natural way. By healthy choice. I also stopped believing in romantic Hollywood love. Not because I got bitter, haha, no, because I moved into a deep realm in all of this, of pure beingNess. In doing my inner journey, in being blessed with a great family and few dear beautiful friends and many incredible supporters, I was able to take a year to heal and to finally show up! Show up for what? For my life. I loved many different things about many people and didn't need to consider people in my life possessions. I could touch people physically, emotionally and with my soul and allow them to experience me. Not a personality I slipped into and portrayed but me. I could set healthy boundaries even in love making or casual conversation, I could love myself and express it and not care if weaker beings considered that cocky because all can be done with love and compassion. In bringing together my spiritual practice and my life journey I became present and accounted for here in this thing called the big show! Life! Every day I watch as people cope verses live. I watch people hook up endlessly not because they love, truly love sex but in search of something they can not find within. In search for intimacy, true worshipping of their simple most magnificent beingNess, in search for love, for happiness, for comfort, validation and more, we search outside for what we can only find within.

People make others the source of their happiness and when they are apart the happiness is gone as well. And if those others are also at a loss looking as well then its emptiness once it all settles or time wears the honeymoon period down. This is all coping not living. It is also not truly "loving". Love is unconditional in it's pure nature and being tantric is blissful self acceptance unconditional love at it's best. In being present not only do you realize that all is your choice and doing but you also learn to be compassionate towards yourself and others. Once you take responsibility for your choices you begin making better ones. You act from a different core center, one that is already happy and satisfied in full abundance within. You do not act from a needy base, a longing base or a victim base. Therefore, you do not send out that vibration and so do not swim with low vibration people in low vibration waves circling around over and over repeating the same mistakes. The increased love, true self love that one experiences in a Tantric path leads to expansion not just of the heart but of your entire being. And in the Tantric journey you get a glimpse of that or you simply bathe in more of that. For many just laying there in full presence is one of the hardest things to do. But as you enter into the space mentally with each inhale and exhale you discover that in surrender there is control. By surrendering to the breath, to the moment, you actually control what you receive from the journey and that is Tantra. That is the Tantric part! The expansion, the beingNess, the release, no more white knuckle holding on to expectations and self judgement developed from years and years of coping and playing Father/mother/ popular Lisa or Joe/ the perfect daughter or son, no personality, no name, no past no future just your true being and the now. That is why it is A TANTRIC journey because if you surrender and trust your heart mind the journey is totally all it's own and spirals out of you as you continue creating in presence that which you truly desire. Giving people this gift is a labor of love because Tantra is necessary right now. Most necessary. So many are not truly living. So many fo not feel as if they are truly alive. So many are using substances yo feel again because they have been bombarded with what they should be or comparisons of what happiness is through social media feeds, traumatic childhoods, wars, unhealed inner child's and so much more that substances (all mood altering ones not just the street ones) and escapism is a common Norm even in the bedroom of all places. Bringing tantra to as many people who are open to it as possible is a journey in and of itself. Not all can take a year off or go galavanting to India or Nepal or Bali, not all will go seek a turban wearing Guru but that doesn't mean that attaining more presence in a state of love for self

is impossible. Just means it is an honor to touch and reach as many people as possible because we are one and what we do for another we are really doing for ourselves.Much love. Please do visit Tantricjourneys.tumblr.com


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