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Daily bites

We travel, some of us, forever

To seek other states, other lives, other souls 

Anaiis Nin

It is like a bug that gets you. 


Actors bug acting bug

Runner's high

Faster power of manifestation due to strength and power of the undeniable pursuit of not happiness but beingNess. 

An expansion is what Tantra is about. 

An expansion of self into yourself, even folding and bending as total absolute beingNess which is what this is all about. Existence and the surrender the chaos and the order. The sacredness of tantric sex when you practice at that vibrational level is so different. It is with full intention and with a gentler freer, light weight like misy-kind of-love. It is very emotional and in tune dialed in but the intention adds logic and purpose to the sensual fiery bliss of the divine Feminine Shakti. 

So the act changes and evolves. The body responds differently, it does not just react. In observance with that energy you can unblock many energy centers, add energy to your weakening physical and mental body, increase connection to self. 

Inhale together during sex but also sit before each other and after yab yum position or cross legged facing each other speak and introduce your presence in the sacred space, then bow to each other and show gratitude, place one  hand on each other's hearts (your left hand bwtween her chest & upper belly and right hand on her back) showing support that you are giving one another energy for the success of each other's path. Support towards their I can and heart chakra. Strengthen each other's heart chakras so that you may live out of higher heart mind. Evolving. Then 

Speak five authentic truths 

Each one of you speak five authentic truths. 


I hurt. I can feel myself expanding and evolving. 

It's foreign unreal

Am alone yet connected 

As are others 

Then one inhale and the other exhale 

Then after 3 switch the one that inhaled now exhales and vice versa.

Then after 3 breath together 

And after 3 more 

Look up and inhale light and love from the universe

Look into your partners eyes and immedietly exhale slowly pressed lips to third eye if your partner and send them healing into their third eye that they may receive healing through you. That they may use your body as a vessel to help healing and clarity plus sight and self guidance for their path. Especially if you are with your twin flame then even more so because a twin can heal another twin almost naturally automatically perhaps no, but definitely faster than a lower vibration partner. 

And join genitalia whether nude or not touch and place hands behind you so as to area the back and form a Shiva Shakti vessel if you will. Invite! Accept! Receive the energy of the oneness, of each other's higher consciousness and breathe. 

Really believing that you are having a fucking Threesome with the Universe! 

Both of you keep that intention. Feel the tingles on your yoni and Golden shaft, perhaps even little electrical shocks sparking about your sac or lips. Visualize the energy from Universe and from your higher selves coming into your spine and bathing you like a sphere of light and liquid air so blessed. Slowly come back to straight and facing each other then kiss with intention to elevate each other during the amazing act you are about to perform and cimit to witnessing each other, yourselves and yourselves being witnessed. Get into the Experience so much so that you become it. 

©2018 Shakti Durga Tantric Arts LLC

Sorry for any typos. Been a long catch up day and wrote beginning of a breath sequence that includes book of consciousness and life, shamanic Jaguar woman breath work and more for the crystalization of the spirit body and did my practice. Did active meditation breathwork mindfulness presence through out day. Had deep nice interactions and experienced myself and others most openly. 

Much love sweet love

Forever changing. I just couldn't do the blonde too much because lately I feel my crown chakra on fire ..a violet roaring luminescent multi elemental 🔥

So violet red fuschia and don't get used to it. #Iamnotyourguru


Shakti Durga Healing Arts

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