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My partial mission statement and my purpose. Much love. True love like I love my last breath. Shakti

At the core we are all light. We are also all from the essence of true love. I describe love in a way for all to contemplate. You do not need/have to or incorporate the description into your way of being. It is up for grabs. However, integrating it into your life can add oh so much ease. I give a slightly scary visualization for you to meditate on. So that in this way you can immerse yourself into the essence of it and really contemplate not just read and forget or read and not be able to relate. Love. Like the way you love your next breath. You see a tunnel. A sacred tunnel. There you see a chair at the entrance. There is a note instructing you to sit. As you sit two men are at each side of you. They place hands on your mouth and nose, you are unable to breathe. The little breath you had in your lungs escapes you. You can not breathe. You see precious moments of your life passing you by. You feel you feel the desire to breathe, to create just one more or a few more minutes moments. Even though you do NOT know what you are to do with any time given after this, you do know that you Want, Desire, To take just one more breath. Upon feeling your pure desire the hands remove and you inhale. You breathe. You breathe. And that feeling you feel for that breath. THAT is LOVE. PURE UNCONDITIONAL (you wouldn't care if it stunk, was warm, hot, icy, stung your nose or was hi elevation thin or thick humid swamp land air) Unconditional You LOVE that breath Love at it's purest energy stage is unconditional, desires and has gratitude for the simple Experience of it all. That is love. Unconditional. Pure. Desire filled for the Experience. No matter what that Experience is it loves yet does flow and gravitate towards other energies although not all serve the purpose of the soul the soul itself can choose. So above all Shakti Durga Tantric Arts is about self love. Self love for the Experience of your true nature. It is about the Experience and journey and finding the stillNess in Chaos, embracing the dark and light in a state of love filled mindful gratitude for the Experience. Tantra is a tool for expansion. The expansion of the soul. Although many are using/selling Tantra in a sexual manner the true meaning of it and purpose is so much more. It is about falling in love with the Experience of yourself. By using this persepctive we navigate into a deeper mindfulness. By being in a deeper mindfulness in life you finally show up at your Life Journey as your true self. Not that you haven't been alive or on a journey. You have, but in many ways shapes and forms you have been present in a state of limbo. Waiting for your life to happen. Meanwhile you are the life experience itself. Due to my nature, Experience and roots in healing, world philosophy, root work and so on, the combination has put me in a humbling position. As many that began coming specifically to me, have come from a state of Trauma, addiction, loss etc. These people already feel or felt that Tantra was something that serves or would serve their path. They are absolutely correct. Tantra does not seek to cradle, baby or cuddle that which lies surpressed deep inside. Tantra ignites your courageous heart so that you can journey inward, heal and grow. Expand. As I have said before when someone is unfamiliar with their energy body, they can Experience it in many ways that are not easy or playful. You experience your energy when you get angry, when you are asking your heart to keep beating because you are not well and can feel the energy slow and lacking the high vibration of love. You also Experience whether Empath or not you Experience an entire room laughing and suddenly nothing . . . A drop in the energy because someone with anger or fear or conceit has walked in. Or a person stares at you for a short or long time and Boom! You feel 



We all are so very magical. And what I wanted from an early childhood was to live as this energy body which I became aware of very early in years (allowing me to get thrown out of church due to laughing hysterically upon coming down from an out of body Experience at age 7) And as a physical body. 

I didn't want to live as just this Flesh bag. And so I shifted on and away from my path. Back and forth not really knowing even why I wanted this so much. 

Yes yes I did want Sex but I wanted more. And not a love like Hollywood love connection, not a possession type..oh "you are MINE" UGHHHH! No. I wanted an equal with equally balanced energy to recreate with not possess. I had my path. However the game will get you. And we enter into this playground to PLAY. 

We are stripped of most our memory by the intense transition and integration of our lives into our Life haha, is what they say and we enter this playing field to reveal ourselves unto ourselves and the world. But this is HUGE. 

We Experience Pain, suffering, desperation, lack, abundance, highs and lows of every kind. 


It's ok to stop and heal and balance your shit out. 

You do not need to explain or prove to anyone how good of a person you are when you are a grand light in an avatar living in a polarity filled world. You gotta learn polarity and how it works in all this in order to get out of a polarity based thinking mind. Which can not be a tool if it is dull. 

Trauma and all the pain/fear dirty needing polishing, parts of our being are Ours and we can not kill energy. We can not surpress it (because it transforms into another symptom of fear and that very thing that you suppress) we can only embrace, forgive ourselves and TRANSFORM those fragments of ourselves. And Tantra helps with oh, so so much. 

Yes I do want to touch your flesh. Hut allow me to worship and celebrate the fact that you are here. Allow me to open the door to different perspectives so that you can really really show up to this the greatest show on Earth. 

Your Life. 

In essence my Tantric teachings and the Legacy of Light I wish to leave behind are to bare my soul and show as many as possible that it is ok and that you CAN be a white lotus after growing and blooming in the dirtiest of waters. 

I want to communicate and touch your energy body, I want to help you open the doors to yourself. I may not be able to but I will plant the seeds for I shall be too old or long gone for some who are touched in the slightest way by all this but those who are will get to grow and fall in deep love with themselves and will understand not just know that they are pure energy bodies in a flesh avatar and this is a Gift. Not like we are trained to believe 

Instead by allowing ourselves to be the life experience itself by accepting that and more.  We see that we are THE GIFT. 

we must not allow anyone or anything to stop our gift from pouring out of our souls of our being. 

We must not allow anyone or anything to keep us from falling in love 

Pure love with ourselves. 

For we are 


We are It. 

Tantra means in it's essence "tool for expansion" 

Pure mind meaning clear of the illusion/ Maya of suffering. And you keep elevating and yes it is a constant growth process a constant expansion. 


Because you 

All of you 

Are limitless. 

We are ....so so much more. 


Show up


Coping and dying. 

© 2018 Shakti Durga Tantric Arts LLC


Shakti Durga Healing Arts

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