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can I get a Witness

<p>Witnessing is the Basic source. But it is difficult to become as a witness in SEX.-In the Sex act-If you can not in other acts of your life. <br> Be meditative the whole day. <br> Don’t deceive yourself. <br> If you can not witness and obseve that being witnessed and be as observed and observer and as witness and that being witnessed for even but one act through out the day, without judgement and in a state of pure life experinece energy <br> Then you must start small and with that before you attempt to do so in the bedroom. <br> without drugs. <br> Just you. <br> Have a spiritual experience on Pure U<br> And one day …you witness yourself …just spontaneously<br> in the sex act. <br> Tantra when born into this Earth realm is Not ABOUT INSTANT GRATIFICATION. <br> I - SHAKTI am not going to Deceive you as you may want to be deceived.<br> It is work, then effort, then bliss</p> <p>Nothing but pure Tantra here. </p> <p>in a tantric session I guide you with meditation into the Tantric journey of absolute presence. Afterwards it is a path.</p> 

From my original blog


Transferring slowly all to here then making this one more dynamic by end of Fall. 




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