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A little more on Tantra

Most people coming to Tantra are doing so due to the growing interest in Tantric sex. Which is great. Nice thing to be drawn to.  But the interest is almost misguided and slightly off because Tantra is not sex. However it is a spiritual path that includes sex, human sexuality and energy as ONE method for altering consciousness and achieving a mystical Experience. 

People are feeling empty as far as connection goes. The social media illusion of connection is a mess of false personalities played out, comparison, new syndroms and disassociation along with many other things. That really are almost drawing people further and further away from themselves and each other. 

The tantric sex part is only a small part of Tantra. And when asked about Tantric sex I say that first you have to be Tantric within, be and get Tantric with yourself. 

To go further into Tantra and any practice it is important to understand the theoretical, philosophical, perspectives. It is important to feel it. That is why in my Journey my intent is to have the person at least open up to a deeper beingNess and presence in simply the moment itself and then from there expand. 

So that they can understand through the Experience that the moment can go deeper and is far more than just the obvious . 

If you get into Tantra thinking it is just better sex and Olympiad positions you will be gravelly disappointed. If you open up to the Experience and receive what the path has for you then indeed the sex has no where to go but up! And will definitely be better than what you have experienced before but that is simply a result of it all. 

In the Tantric path the sexual act is mainly the journey and through that journey transcending the very Experience into a mystical Experience and one of altered and heightened consciousness. 

That is what I pass on. That is why I was drawn to it from my Shamanic path that had taken twists and turns and that I had even run from at a time or two because it IS about devotion and dedication to your personal path. Your personal path revealing unto you the very best within yourself expanding into more that goes beyond teachings, philosphies and religions. That takes tool of the mind and uses it, that takes the energy body within and transforms and creates with it beyond the limitations we are falsely raised and imprisoned with. 

That is why it is great for sex. Yes. Mystical Experience sex and union, exchange and oneness abscence of separation and integration into more. Dancing with your higher self and able to download higher consciousness knowledge then allowing it to flow through you into your sacred reality. Endless things about this and it is not a religion or vult or new thing. But it is very much needed in today's world. 

Many thanks for your time




Is on 

My side....yes it is.   ...

Never be too serious. 

It is only Life after all. 

🙏Shakti Durga


Shakti Durga Healing Arts

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