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Intimacy tantra just being

With you intimacy colors my voice. Even hello sounds like "come here". Warsan Shire. This can be felt with more than one. A deep level of intimacy that is felt with just the touch. People feel that. They can sense and taste that I am genuinely on my path. Strangers can. The serenity is so yummy that I dive into people to Experience them. I listen to them like never before and observe their nuances and habits, what is important to them and I admire them so at the end of the day for still standing. So many have so much going on. Feel so unloved. This is hard to go through. Not impossible but just sayin' it is a bit nicer when accompanied and supported in the physical. You can do it alone to a certain extent but for higher soul level, altered consciousness blast off to higher realms sex or simply merkaba wandering it is ney to be intimate with yourself, with others and with nature. And real intimacy not sex. The word has other meanings. I often feel the orgasmic arousal in people when I talk to them staring into their eyes and using that magnetism to say "welcome into me and my reality as well" I open up to the Experience. I don't front it. I say what I want and what I feel is my guide. I point the finger at myself and allow them to feel welcomed into my mind so they share deep trauma and stories that are mind blowing. I am intimate with many. With the wind and how it plays, whispers and roars. I am intimate with you as you scroll . . Your faces, your sighs, your search, your smiles and it's amazing to Experience you even in this small virtual way. Mmmm feeling Tantric upon receiving such love and support. Yeay.  


Shakti Durga Healing Arts

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