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"What we think, we become"


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Daily Randoms of my life

Misrepresentation is a bitch is it not?  And I am gifted and all that. Yeah I can market you and bury you. Studies in Paralegal, marketing and Mortuary science. Love of eco building Shamanism, active life Proactive activism by helping farms and urban garden/food production and I do some art when I want to plus cook on private yachts. However I wanted to just share more because misrepresentation is a bitch. At least to me. Never a professional pic in the mix just a goofball that IS NOT YOUR GURU. 

 I am about as authentically wild wyld wild as ever. Before not as authentic, wasn't sure at all at times.  .   Battling with my humanity maybe. Was a tad fearful of this limitlessness and of commitment to my path. It would be one of going against the grain and of service. It would be sexual, liberation, greatness but after a personal revolution, there would be no guru to follow or books to read that combined for me the old and new and twisted and true but not a 19.99 or in 40 days so yeah! I ran from my path a bit. Got lost. Went dark. Almost famous, almost dead, clinically dead. . .so yeah

Am human and I do change my hair more than my panties. Ehhh I go commando anyway. I do farm, I do dance, I do live and love it all. 



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