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What do you teach Shakti??? I teach about godhood and the O

When you look at the orgasm as the closest You Me The homeless man down the street Will ever feel like what Creator or God must feel like Euphoric Bliss Creative desire Desire Love for THE EXPERIENCE You really not just value and treasure it more No mother fucker You also enjoy it Rejoice in it Bathe in it In awareness as a creative force of nature You appreciate that one juicy wonderful key that was left in INSIDE of us. That is what I teach The elevated orgasm is a result of it The bunny thumping and screaming behind me "Take it! Take it!" Because my life is miserable and you are the only good thing in it . ..is not. The screams of I'm coming but not experiencing and witnessing it and riding the orgasm waves? Get outta here! I don't want to miss a thing of my orgasm. It the fucking closest I feel to a massive creative force so much so people get pregnant and litterally create another human with the act in general (duh) I don't want no part of that. Not that we don't perhaps explore kink like in Dark Eros but c'mon There are enough positions and fast food like sex spots. This amazing feeling of inner power in a totally divine humble and an even longer lasting intense feeling of euphoria plus on a higher level the psychedelic Experience. Mmmm yes I teach that.  

Sign me up to teach that 



More on Tumblr blog too


By the way men get that neediness grip from women too. The women that are only happy when the man is entertaining them, only feel loved if the man is around 24/7, the women that are not orgasmic on their own as far as life. 

One thing is someone loving you unconditionally the other is not good. Listen even to what the person says in bed. 

You will know if they are dumping on and into you and also is it love or possession or needy demands, toxic, drug induced, alcohol tainted. 

I have been there I admit and it is intense and crazy and you feel oh so needed but it is not the BEST you can give or have. 

The orgasm and sex are not about that at all. 


Shakti Durga Healing Arts

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