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WIM HOF Tummo breathwork I highly recommend. Many ask about my teachers etc.

Many ask me regarding my many wonderful teachers and sources. As far as convenience, these video courses are great. Saves ya a trip. His reviews are great and info regarding the benefits is substantial. I add some Tummo for my more experienced co-pilots or for second, third tantric journey. We increase your heat. Mine noticably increases to the touch or you feel all this heat in one area of my body and ice cold the rest of my body. That, has surprised my tantra massage lovelies. Or the entire room has gotten hot or they begin to shake. But I practice Tummo something I did when I did the ice bath chamber. Again I totally love to share links for you to also explore for your path.  Much love Shakti Booking in Reno September Miami in October Tahoe November Wim Hof method TUMMO breathwork