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Sexual energy and some of it's uses

"Sex also holds a regenerating as well as a generating force. Our sexual fluid is what drives our creativity, passions and energy. It is a magnetic fluid that is not only composed of semen, but the true human emotional vehicle which is the solar astral body, which can be crystallised through Tantric sex. One energy acts through the human according to the sex of the human, male or female, – Thoughts of the sex nature enter the body through the sex organs; they arise and apply for entrance into the heart. If the mind grants. This is the sexual union of the souls and our spirits or astral bodies then become one. This is easier said than done since we live in a world where many people cannot muster the strength to just control and master their bodies, let alone master their souls or astral spirits." Gnostic warrior 

If you really pay mind, cross reference, research, you will note all paths, religious, theosophical or magical held the sexual energy and orgasm in high regard however it also became more and more sinful and it's power and benefits became more and more unmentioned. Except for Tantra and a few other ancient paths whose faithful keep alive, Tantra is one of the few practices (not religious) that use the energy and sex is just one method of basically improving life force energy and your life. In the short time we spend together you do breathwork and things unexpected perhaps, 

You are present


In a guided meditation

A journey 

And learning how to use the sexual energy for great things like achieving the runner's high


Mental clarity

Self healing

Controlling emotions but not suppressing

Being present

Opening third eye

Creative flow

Better game


Combining your material and spiritual paths