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Inadequacy is In

The feeling of inadequacy is like a phase of the separation period in the embodiment or what we call lifetime. 

I will give you more on it later but an example of a whole gender in history that were made to feel in adequate right out of the gate. Because the feeling of inadequacy comes out of a fear based soil and it is not all yours to feel. Others feel it as well. 

For example: It is a quick instant attack when in the female role during embodiment. Known as the weaker sex one is raised with that upon entry, no questions asked. So the fight or lesson to be learned is that the Divine Feminine is not strong in it's form for physicality but in it's energy To be served such a lesson upon entry is one of a lifelong task To not become a man yet become an equal to this man's sacred divinity I struggle with the way to express this as it is from all sacred teachings. This is knowledge we must turn to wisdom through action. The crushing of the old paradigms in every direction. To unite in this fight of surrender so as to walk away from unsatisfied, consumerism, fear, division, lack of serving our purpose as a collective, by not acting as one collective with mother Earth and stewards of the land, we must build the new. So of course ALL of humanity should be feeling inadequate right about now. (sarcazm) It is so simple so lost in our history. The true meaning of who and what we truly are. Long blog going up tonight regarding inadequacy, nurturing soil for failure and lessons repeated. Trauma and tantric general science spirit shot of Shaktinated Soul food liquid light espresso.  

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