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Inadequacy is In part due (2)

It is in our nature to adapt, actually be the most adaptable and to conquer and Excel then swimming into survival of the fittest. So we try to fit in and be adequate. In our endless stream of collected data we sum up the ones and twos and decide for ourselves based on the judgemenys if others what is acceptable in order to be liked. In order to even be given entry into groups and systems and in order to belong. But you see most are not even your personal experience ideologies, most are not your facts you collected, most if based on socio cultural political governmental laws are ok but perhaps not your personal laws you see fit to live by. We do, accept being governed by said rules and laws but we can leave, move and migrate to an area that is a better fit so we can maximize our freedom. Basically we can flow a little more and pick and choose a little but what are our personal laws? Do we know? Have we done self analysis and had the courage to live by our own laws. So we are inadequate about? How we measure up? How to get treats? How to be liked or likable? How to perform up to par and finally stand out and be seen and witnessed and felt and congratulated for being ourselves! What do we feel inadequate about? The size of the Vagina, your dick, your car, your house? Or where you are in life according to what? A lot of happy satisfied, fulfilled, wealthy, giving, emotionally intelligent souls around you? So whose goals are you trying to reach? Inadequate about your shape, weight or looks? The acceptable norm of what is attractive or not has changed constantly and will change again. So hopefully you are not feeling anything but happy amused observation vibes. First let's start by getting to know ourselves, the world around us, without crutches, without victim or personality roles adopted so as to not have to do any type of self analysis. Let's bare the soul, chest out and raw and go from there. If you look around no one is achieving any perfection they are striving got because it is ever illusive by their own expectations. You go further and further away from yourself in looking for this illusion of who you are supposed to be. You continue falling short or getting almost a perfect fit and then you begin to lose it based on your creation of it possibly happening you then too create it's end, it's destruction. So you will attain something close, cope with it, live with it, live through it, but not really live, you will fear losing it and then Then what? You live your whole adequate life. But was it yours? Was that the real you being ever so adequate? Much love © 2018 Shakti Durga Tantric Arts LLC