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Daily pics they say

If I get asked for a picture in text it is usually not a good idea. I should lose many a deals. I send goofy pictures because it's my Tantra and although I understand you may have a preference the main important thing is also that person's Experience. I like getting total newbies because I know many don't know what to make of the Experience. There are some "What did I just walk into?" "This chic really believes this shit. .... Wow she's making sense.....did she just quote greats, inform me of boxing/world cup/world class championship traditions of not losing sexual energy before competition and says I may also go out of body..what the fuck is going on?' "Do I really want intimacy? Fucking hippie chic's!" I get alot of "wow lady. You are something else" "I felt you in me" "I feel your energy" "I am tiered, exhausted, wanna run a marathon, nurtured, challenged, more manly yet softer and stronger" One man told me he didn't realize how short I was, how during the #guidedmeditation he had felt me so big and over powering as far as big energy. And when he is leaving he noticed he towered over me by a foot or so. Another said he needed a moment to digest what he felt. He would get back to me. And another said he knew he was led to me for a reason and indeed he had trauma and I picked up on it. I will be training two people when I get back to do my tantric journey techniques. The non profit religious entity is being born and so a Center using these techniques for health, trauma, addiction is being conceived as we post and read. If you would like to learn my techniques November through Feb I will be looking to and training two people. Male and female. I rather females and have one of my brothel ladies coming on board but this is growing. Much love bless up and msg me if you would like to learn white taoist energy manipulation and red tantra. And are local to Tahoe/Reno area. Training will be free and you will be doing healings to start with as in shamanic laying of hands. This is full #Shakti training. Elemental alchemy energy serious not let's touch our genitals & pretend to be woke. #shaktidurgatantricart #tantra #reno #mountainlife #retreat #center #legacy 


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