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More so about my personal practice life but a little on the Tantric Massage and I

I am getting #Ecstatic and #tantric to this! Let go. Don’t meditate, yes, yes! Just start letting go of the #sounds #waves #distractions till there is #nothing. But #US #You

Tonight I do Tantra at my level.  My partner is new to Tantra but we have been together before. In vision I saw I had been his nurse many moons ago. So a simple celebration of yeay mmmmhhhmmm proportions!<br> Am glad to see your life Force energy made it! And he to me perhaps “I see you are still healing people” It’s a gravitational pull. You almost look at the person and say. . In this life time I could pass you by no problem, not my type maybe although charming as hell.  But that energy pull says  “Wait.”

Then before any lover I do Tantric Massage and work to see if the person needs more healing than I want pleasure practice.  If more healing then I wear healer robes only. Lol. My wants of pleasure mean nothing compared to my service as a healer.  If the person I desire to share a more Tantric self side to simply wants to enjoy the experience vs BS about wanting to learn or false things I can see through, then it’s ok. A consent chat and I Experience another.  It’s weird to some perhaps. But it is my Path not my job or part time gig.  I must know my partner has good energy and if he is with auric holes and addictions etc because I am working on purification of the soul stage so I feel and know in awareness a lot about a person. And when agendas or trauma is present  I maneuver different.  .so I have a tantra partner Eve tonight.  His energy is scattered but so very strong. However is guilty of lack of humility, balance of divine feminine nature. As of right now a little “why me” is emerging and though there is family there is also a separatism of “me against the world” so I do see average rough edges. But also a seed was planted in a previous time. The desire to learn more about things unspoken of, the natural abilities some hide. Some are magical but hide it. I can read the souls that come to me. I see the pain of others.  I see the lie The scared child The anger The disillusioned man  The fighter The man entering the last stage of his life! I see you when you are face down Wondering what is this woman to do? I feel you.  I smell your fear Your lust Your confusion I feel your body relaxing with my touch And when I go up and down your spine I taste your fear Not of me  Of anything You fear I feel your heart beat and send it love<br> I thank you for being here with me With Us For being alive For not giving up! I celebrate you Witnessing me. I choose Choose To Experience you.  To breathe with you  To witness the life force energy within you dance for me…as you breathe and let out sighs I am tantric in you In the moment And the moment exists because I believe it exists  And as long as you as a copilot believes that perhaps you are more than the flesh More than the rotting corpse If you believe with me  That you are energy  If you light that spark and allow it to fill your being We connect with our higher selves <br> And that is when we really communicate my love. That is when we journey. 

I adore my path. But yes I love the massages but I do like having my Tantric personal nights.  Tonight I journey into another and come out bathed in myself through him in him.  Ahhhhh #Tantra  ©2018 Shakti Durga Tantric Arts LLC Available in Tahoe and Reno till October Goddess healing sessions are amazing yoni steam and Mayan massage as well.  Miami in October A little frequency tease


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