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"What we think, we become"


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Slow in Presence

Yes. Yes. Despacito haha no not just slowly, but in presence. That presence that eludes us. That escapes us even at our most amazing moments are we really there. And where then? Playing what role? What character? Striving for what? Pursuit of. . .why not acceptance of at least some moments. It's like giving consent to life, little by little to unfold before you. Your only deal is like in Tantric journey. Your only role is to decide where it goes. To navigate in presence and awareness. Honestly. In a state of love Love for what? For the Experience. Slow down Breathe Your life is passing you by (Stay in presence while driving. Breathe and drive. No thoughts of shit you have to do. You have to drive lol. Just breath, stop signs, road lines, observe yourself . . . How long can you stand the silence of your silly silly head Godzilla? And you want inner peace? Well start by being present in your life more and more because the robots they are making will be far better robots than you will ever be. So Human ..time to level up. ) Shakti Shaktinated ShaktiLandia Shakti Boom boom boom I shall take pointless selfies of pink hair tomorrow but for now I have writing time and best to share something of value to me! Lol time to dance. I am doing a new Kundalini flow Yoga that I may be getting attached to. #shaktidurgatantricart #presence

#love #yogi #kundalini #flow #healer #tantric #path #teachers #livingthedream #escapism #observetheobserver #devotion #selflove #selfcare #chi #neigong #taichi #shaktiflow #reno #tahoe #miami #sanfrancisco