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Daily happy happy go!go!

Happiness what is it? I simplified it. I was dying and I began asking my heart just to keep beating. I got hellah intimate with my heart. I said I know you always beat and I never ask you to I can do or not do anything with my life. I can accumulate the world. Be a great Trophy wife. I can succeed for all and for myself or be a conceited bitch or be as my friends say Mother Teresa/porn star ..or I can fly first class or hike in Peru. I can be a junkie or party girl forever. Be a shaman a maid. But I can't do anything if I don't have that breath baby! If I can breathe I fucking GOT THIS!!!! IF I can look up I am getting up If I am lonely I look outside and sen

d love to every tree, every man taking his last breath, every woman bleeding, every child taking his first breath, I send love to you and him and her, and I don't feel lonely any more because I am in this because even if it is a simulation. . .it's my own personal journey into this mystery called life. And I am it. I am the life experience and well That makes me happy. Yes life can be a chaos but I am really here. #adventuretime #Reno till October 3 Then #miami #querico! Gonna eat all Miami #happiness #meditation #meditacion #yoga #yogi #psychedelic #trippyhippie #today #instagood #mood #happy #smilesformiles  


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