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Egyptian, Hindu, taoist Tantra!love

Like the Hindu kundilini teachings, Egyptian tantra uses the serpent as a metaphor for moving energy. The energy resides at the base of the spine, but splits into two ascending flows as it rises. The feminine energy, seen as a black serpent, begins rising up the left side of the body, and then crosses over to the other side at each chakra. The masculine energy is visualized as a gold serpent and begins rising up the right side before crossing over at the chakras. Specific and sophisticated skills are taught in Egyptian tantra to move the energy into the higher charkas and activate the ka body. The ka body is the light body, or etheric double. The goal of spiritual practice for the ancient Egyptians was to build up a large amount of energy in their Ka body. They could use this energy for healing, psychic activity, or astral traveling. Perhaps the ultimate goal was to remain conscious in the after-life journey. When a soul dropped his body, he could transfer his consciousness to the ka body and remain aware until his next incarnation.