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Goddesses and also for those going through male to female or female to male transformation

This is for my ladies but it does apply to all on some levels. The Yoni massage is ancient. It is not new and it, accompanied with Mayan womb massage, shamanic breath, Quodoushka practices, prana (breath and direction and control of energy, plus the worshipping is what makes the Goddess Experience so beautiful and just like for my gentlemen/sacred Masculine gods, you as well are a co-pilot. This isn't about someone eating your pussy. If that is all you need, this is not for you. This is about a woman who is aware of being pure Divinity and goddess in a stage of embodiment here on Earth, worshipping a soul sister and Goddess. I honor the divine in myself therefore I so honor your path and wish for you to feel your energy rise, be able to manipulate your energy and accept, be able to receive the worshipping. This is deeper than the physical common things. And we may stare and gaze into each other's eyes but we will work together in Breathwork and Visualization just like my sacred masculine Gods do. You can as well. It is very helpful if you personally and wish to heal a trauma this can be (rape/miscarriage/death/grief not processed / abandonment/inadequacy/personal lover performance issues/hysterectomy/bullying or molestation and abuse of any kind) please message and call me regarding this so we can tailor your goddess Experience. Also if you simply feel as if you may want to try something new that you have never personally experienced. Or if you simply want intimacy on another level. You can have a lover or friend or relative present who will add good energy and support to your journey not someone who will take away. You will not Experience penetration. No need. However you may Experience 2-4 different types of orgasm out of the possible 8 different ones a woman can Experience. If emotional unblocking is done you may also Experience other things letting you know you are still Experiencing healing many days later. You can also Experience heightened arrousal the next day. If you want to feel empowered in your sexuality and eliminate shame, guilt, ancestral, cultural, gender based limitations/blockages Then a journey can open your heart to receive more than you ever imagined die to your dedication and show of devotion to yourself. Amazing love is felt. I also offer healing the inner child Healing fragments of our personalities past life journeys and healing sessions This is a great gift that was available to women when we lived in tribes and elders cared for us as sisters and daughter's. When a woman would deliver, the whole family would gather and the tribal women would come to care for the baby and wrap the woman / do a "Bajo" or Yoni steam and care for the woman's mental, physical and soul. Now a woman can be raped, have ten babies and if no insurance and without available resources she basically must get back to work, take her baby to a place she can afford and fend for herself in terms of healing. These practices can help empower you, full fill you in ways that conventional means can not do. It connects you with your higher self and with Earth energy. It restores you. Realigns you with yourself. It shows you that as a goddess you are a magical healer, warrior, nurturer and divine feminine and that the endless fountain of love and strength, prosperity and growth is inside yourself. The goddess sessions run 90minutes as well. Can be done in your home or you come to me. I travel so if you subscribe you will receive travel notices or if you message we can see about a way to connect and use our goddess energy to move mountains and make it happen . Please do know that I do not even have to touch your yoni if you have never been with a woman or feel hesitation. This is fully step by step consent/comfort level and open mind open heart. If you are not sure about being touched by a woman we go step by step with great flow and glow. It is a journey of empowerment, of divine Feminine energy, receiving, learning about speaking your truth, consent, healing, learning about your body, releasing guilt and shame, being tantric mindful and present for yourself. It is about Experiencing a powerful 'O' and witnessing it. It is about sharing your Orgasm with your higher self and it is about self love. This ritual this session this time we share helps bring together The goddess energy which has been so divided, made to believe that it is a weaker and not adequate gender and also that a Goddess's orgasm is not as important as her Male EQUAL . This is a gift more so than a service. If you give it your all and if you are ready to receive from your higher self, universe and me Your journey can be whatever you make of it From ecstatic Releasing Liberating Psychedelic Out of body Teary Energizing Loving To the most delish intimate romantic Gentle passionate gift you gave yourself. Much love. Shakti