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No Tantra in one magical pill for you and I didn't unlock any secrets you don't already know

People 😂 I just read something that said I have unlocked the secrets???? Hahahahahaha No mofo the ancients left them for us ..you unlocked? More knowledge than what the Egyptian and men In days before even Alexandria unlocked them or left them for us!!!!! I have NO PATH TO SELL YOU. I WILL SHOW YOU HOW THEY ALL SAID THE SAME. THE BREATHWORK AND VISUALIZATION, THE COUNTS, THE PATTERN, THE SACRED NUMBERS I have no gimmick I can show you the door and walk with you as a guide. But it feels right because you YOU yourself feel it. Tantra isn't a course in x amount of days it is my PATH And I promise You will grow and Experience a tantric or psychedelic Experience no matter what your level depending on your level and proper breathwork ..Mudras etc with my guidance. But I didn't unlock anything I researched, cross-referenced, experienced by doing myself, the spells, the rituals, the sacraments, the 2000 prostrations, the sigils, the opening of gates, the past life journeys, the meditation, the chanting, the sitting with Elders from all paths. We can Guide But the traveler My co pilot must Do the work and be ready. I can increase the whole energy in a room and then make it cold when I do a good tantric Journey. But I have not unlocked anything except myself. I humbly simply with great honor pass on the teachings in the purest form with as much integrity as possible and can show you where the teachings came from and where they are in sacred Text. So you can have your own beautiful path. With much respect and love to my path and teachings. Your servant and goddess of Gaia Muah Shakti Special pricing for tantric instruction coming soon www.shaktdurgatantra.com 

#miami appts now 


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