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Check yourself

Have you ever observed yourself?  Really observed the observer?

The triggers, the moments in the day that strike a cord. The words that bring om discomfort. The looks received that make you pay attention, the weight of the look of another across the air. Have you ever noticed what makes your heart race and what causes it to be at ease? 

What soothes you? What do you do when in the mundane/daily repetitive waves of the day. The basics. The drive to work, the stores you visit, tbe reason why you do the daily. Is there anything you could possibly enhance, change to improve tbe quality of your life, are there any cords you should be cutting, things perhaps you should be prioritising or eliminating?

As part of a life practice that will serve you. Instead of choosing



to think about a million things that do not serve you,

Observe yourself. Start diving into compassionate self observance. 

Almost in reverence of yourself. Without judgement so you CAN be productive vs waste the opportunity by practicing unhealthy judgement. 

In getting to that clean slate, that clear mind and the root or core of things. Non judgement is essential. Crucial. 

It is in practicing non judgement with yourself and in observing oneself with that compassionate non judgement along with other simple healthy practices, that we get to the pure root of addictions, that we discover other areas to heal and in getting that stronger connection with the person who truly matters the most in your life. 


This is a daily practice. You can do it when you remember or actually commit to doing it on a day off or at specific times or once comfortable with it, you can practice it when you know you will feel uncomfortable. Watch your moves, thoughts etc. Observe the beautiful observer. 

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Much 💘