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So you ready to go on a magical ride? Breathing is still legal and you can still breathe, right?

Psychonaut Journey. Duration 90 min to 2 hours

In this journey just like the rest, it is best to have a chat. Not only for initial feel and vibe but also because I like to hear a clear "yes" or "no" for certain very important questions. I like to make sure that what needs healing is emotional, mental, but not a serious medical condition.

" It can be stressful on the heart but no more than sex or intense exercise... but that being said if you have heart problems you might want to shy away until your healthier."

We do not only controlled breathing but more. For those that think the breathing in Tantric Journey is a lot, this would be about 3 to 5 times more.

We dive into circulatory breath and fast paced shamanic with a guided meditation along with music at set frequency to guide you through the tree of life within you.

Your own sacred geometry

A merkaba set and sensuous nurturing touch to third eye/chest kakra mudras, guided symbolic visuals that release into your own journey.

I always take note of the comfort level of my co-pilot. I want you to be edging but not go over until ready so we take time to start and after to reintegrate into our present reality.

This experience will definitely cause (just like in Tantric Joyrneys) :


Feeling as if coming back to reality into a room of bubbles and foam.

Light headed

Muscles feel as if they are spasming but not

Dryness of throat (although we go through ancient techniques to produce more saliva)

Quizzy tummy if you just ate. You must eat no later than 2 hours prior.

This may cause/you also may experience:

Pressure on crown of head

Feeling top of head spinning at the soft spot

Heat under skin

Out of body **feeling as if floating and seeing yourself from above. Outside yourself.

Limp body just afterwards

Electrical pulses all over

You may see and experience something suppressed


Auditory hallucinations

You may begin sweating or feel the a.c or artificial heat much more intense

The process is gentle, we build up to it. We use more of one "main power set of breaths" than others, depending on you and your intent for doing this.

We may use many sequences if you do this once or more than once and one of the styles if you will, will be holotropic.

The name Holotropic means literally “moving toward wholeness” (from the Greek “holos”=whole and “trepein”=moving in the direction of something)

Pranayama also is control of energy.

Anima and so on. Breath my loves!!

I like giving you absolutely separate links or opinions on things I post from other sites. I even posted a University thesis and documentation regarding Tantra for Trauma. So this particular review is from a post on Reddit.

katanrod • Feb 2, 2016, 7:24 AM

I've personally attended a session with 15 other people. Trust me, it's as effective as it is intense. They had us breathe deeply and continually for 45mins. The effect this had on people was amazing, some cried, some burst into laughter, but we all healed on some level. It was as if everyone in the room was on something, but it was just the heavy breathing. I hallucinated as well, and after the session I felt the peaceful sensation you feel after taking LSD. I tried doing it again by myself, but with no results. I think it had to do a lot with the people guiding us and singing throughout the session. I wish I'd do it again"

The importance of a guide is directly and indirectly mentioned in various articles and journal reads. It is also always tradition in Shamanic ritual practice.

This can be done in a group. Please be aware I always have specific guidelines if working with a group.

You can also message me and I will send you link to a great PDF

Physical manifestations of emotional disorders

Observations from the study of non ordinary states of consciousness by Stanislov Grof M.D.

And this is great for reaching alternate states if consciousness when trying to discover other paths, alternatives when living clean and sober or green and sober.

It's fantastic to experience sex on acid but to be in an altered state on your own is brilliant. This can help and bring you to another place just through breath.

Someone who points out how important your commitment to being a co pilot here is.

TLDR: Crappy performance of holotropic breathing on my part due to lack of experience and knowledge but still got some interesting results: I got to a mildly intense vibrational state very quicky, a state I hadn't achieved in a long time and much less so quickly.

In Tantric Journeys and any journey when I say we are in it together and you are my co pilot I mean it. So be prepared to breathe and journey.

Let's do this


Shakti Durga Healing Arts

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