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Unexpected in the surrender

In Tantra I found something unexpected at all, not even possibly imagined, in Myself. However, there has been more. More darker, (harsher at times for entering this level of depth in awareness), more beautiful and more enticing than most humans have the power to grasp. I wish to leave for aboriginal energy healing season in my life but know that first I must give what I came here to give. I am honest as I feel that the energy work in Australia will be a coronation of the elder season in my life. I do not at all believe Tantra is for everyone. But I wish to share it with a few more here. Because Tantra IS for some. ..

It is for those that want to stand alone meaning by themselves and stay standing. 

By themselves because they know they are more than this body. 

It is for those that are arriving at a deep moment of change. 

Willing to work for it. 


It is for those that like challenge and already have a love for the experience. 

For Those who wish to use the mind as a tool 

It is for mathematical minds than have a grasp for logic and the humility to accept not knowing it all but love the experience of unraveling mysteries. 

It is for those that want to reach that Zen. 

It was tapped into by monks trying to reach this inner beingness and fulfillment without outside conditions being met. 

These are practices Samurai, Vikings, Egyptians, Indigenous tribes did all over the world. 

.this is not new. 

Try it 

Feel it

Add what serves you to your life practice. 

Start paving your road. 

Love YOU



Shakti Durga Healing Arts

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