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I want to worship your Yoni my sistah! My sister Goddess

"Benefits of Yoni massage therapy. There are a number of benefits that this form of spiritual treatment brings to the table, including: It is essential to understand that Yoni massage therapy can protect against various health problems, including low libido, memory loss, back pain, menopause symptoms and impotence." Many times after a yoni massage women ask me "Since when has this been around" "Why don't we as women know about this?" It's been around since ancient Greece, ancient Japan, in Indigenous traditions across Central and South America. It is not new. There was a time when qomen would bleed together, comfort each other, heal each other. There was a time when women were wrapped and massaged and made teas for and were nurtured by the other women. By the tribe. By the sister hood. That being said to bring it into today's society in the USA and to remind women that another woman can nurture you and can be a true sister in the feminine energy realm and simply heal vs devour or take and walk away. The division on so many levels of the divine feminine  has been great. Comparison, inadequacy, unspoken abuse, unspoken addictions, rape unhealed, molestation, manipulative abuse, sociopathic manupulation, anxiety, weaker sex syndrome 😜, parental mental illness, abandonment and so on, all these things store up in the womb. Yoni is a Sanskrit word that refers to the female genitalia. It is the word Tantrics use to refer to the vagina. The female genitalia is indeed a part of a woman’s body that she should not neglect for many reasons – some more obvious than others. For one, the yoni is the home of a very potent and powerful, latent energy and therefore a powerhouse. Because most modern-day women are unfamiliar with tantric practices, this energy lays dormant and stagnant – an untapped potential. Secondly, the yoni is also a storehouse for emotions and traumas. Due to its internal structure, women tend to internalize much of their outer world in the yoni, making it a woman’s center in a deeply emotional and feminine sense. It should come as no surprise that this eventually leads to blockages and even common female health issues. The third reason women should not ignore their yonis is because, simply, it is their pleasure and healing center. However, in order to access these innate qualities one must first tap into the yoni’s inherent energy and heal the aforementioned blockages. Tantric Yoni Massage, when done correctly, addresses all of these aspects, plus much more. When the yoni is massaged in a specific way – by pressing on precise reflexology points – the latent energy mentioned above can be released. A woman can then use specific tantric techniques that take this newly available, raw, uranium-like energy and transform it into a usable, practical, and restorative force that brings about many miraculous spiritual, physical, emotional, sexual, and mental effects. How is the yoni massaged and released, you might ask? This is difficult to describe in definitive terms simply because of the diverse methodologies and philosophies that exist on the topic. If you had a treatment from five different massage therapists you would have variable and distinctive experiences based on the therapist’s training and background. It is no different with Tantric yoni massage. The experience will vary practitioner to practitioner Basic steps I was taught and do include these and more to give you an idea. Step 1: A woman’s less intimate areas such as the back, abdomen, chest and legs are treated initially using Tantra Massage techniques and Ayurvedic principles. This create a sense of relaxation, comfort and trust and also opens important channels of energy. Step 2: Precise pressure and energy points are pressed in the area of the pelvis and groin to activate energy, stimulate natural lubrication and prepare the yoni for the internal massage. Step 3: The yoni is gently massaged externally. I vary in this in that I do not use Penetration for my goddess. I use a more rapid mayan womb massage technique and also if the woman's lover or sacred partner is present then he is instructed to not only simply be there for the goddess but also to assist and learn very basic and intimate techniques that add to the sensuality making it less Dr like and more a triad. A group of three doing energy work. As the goddess is also learning or participation in her own way and level in her own healing. So I do not do step 4 although I was taught in that way. Step 4: If the woman is ready the therapist can enter the yoni and begin releasing key areas such as the G-Spot and the yoni “canal” generally. Here is where a skilled practitioner is key. By sensing the energy in the area, as well as the state of the tissues, blockages can be detected and hence alleviated in a harmonious way. Step 5: The therapeutic session concludes with a final relaxation exercise and a circulation of energy. The woman is left feeling energized and harmonized with an overall sense of wellbeing. Heal Thyself For the many women who suffer from common female health issues such as cystitis, severe menstrual symptoms, regular candida or bacterial vaginosis, endometriosis, and/or sexual hindrances such as lack of desire, an inability to experience pleasure or orgasm, or painful sex, Tantric Yoni Massage is the answer. This unique, hands-on approach heals a woman from the inside out, getting to the root of all health issues and sexual blockages. Not only is there an alleviation of symptoms but there is a discernible newfound freedom whereby women can reclaim their health and rediscover the true meaning of sexual liberation. When practiced harmoniously, with care and attention – has a multitude of effects. It: Rejuvenates the whole body Heals chronic ailments Sensitizes the female genitalia Increases sexual awareness and orgasmic potential Alleviates blockages
 Liberates potent stored and stuck sexual energy Inspires confidence, happiness, and contentment From my school teachings at Somananda yoga 


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