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Tantric times no time moments

My first entry into a person's energy field is very basic. I simply open up to the experience of that person. I send pure high vibration energy waves and bid the soul a warm hello by creating the sacred space. Where only good shall be exchanged and experienced. This mildly warms the person up but not so fast. They are still in and out of presence let alone really chill. It is with more time and some smelling and licking that give me an opportunity to detect their level of fear and or discomfort. I found the tongue to really feel as good as it tastes. Telling you a lot about the moment. The firmness or the limp-ness of the body tells me how much more to do, what else to do or say in the journey to bring that energy body out. Rooms are known to get hotter during the journey / energy work then get colder. It's quite fascinating. The importance of the role of the co pilot can not be stressed enough. The dedication to this simple journey. The devotion to self for just one fucking moment is vital. So proper breath techniques will start being demanded more of the co pilot because I find that those that go the extra mile and inhale deeper release on so many levels and get to enjoy healing, surrender, get in the zone better and faster after their journeys and that is what I want to provide. A journey. Something more.  

Shakti Durga Tantric Arts 


Shakti Durga Healing Arts

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