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Boot camp

"We must always be aware of the fact that the body, soul and mind are to be trained simultaneously, for otherwise it would be impossible to gain and maintain the magic equipoise." ~ Franz Bardon 

When working on strengthening that soul

Vibrating higher 

Opening chakras 

Spinning your higher chakras

All that yummy stuff you must also strengthen your ability to control that mind. To own that Tool. Because the mind is your sharpest tool. 

It will begin to bend and be unfamiliar with not being in control. The mind is used to its regular mind maps and paths that reaction/collection data/ have created by action reaction program data collection boom!! Back down sorrow lane or moody ville or erection loss or anxiety lane. The mind 

As the soul increases its vibration and the Energy body begins to have that powerhouse flow so does the mind need to be strengthened. 

Just like an athlete you must strengthen the control of the mind, and the strength and balance of the body. 

Why? Because it will FRY. 

Your energy body is vibrating higher and your nervous system must be protected by keeping the mind in check. 

An LSD trip is a perfect example. Once you own that trip and control the mind and tell it to enjoy the ride using it simply for the experience you have a great revealing "trip"

Like life ..a "trip".

The reasons for strengthening all at the same time takes dedication and devotion. Must be done fearlessly going into the self more and more. 

By Shakti Durga Tantra

Just some tidbits to contemplate. 

Controlling the mind and strengtgening the third eye are practices used by top level competitive athletes for a reason. 


Shakti Durga Healing Arts

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