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Mental illnesses that I refuse to work with.

If you have been to several doctors or been to several alternative healers, incarcerated, Baker acted. If you threaten me because I refuse to do holotropic breathwork or any other therapy I offer to you the copies of all your emails, phone numbers, chats and so on are all saved and made public plus passed on to proper authorities. This is not a joke. Threatening and harassing people is a crime. This goes out to ant healer. You do not have to just take it. Some mental illness requires shamanic work but with a general medicine doctor to let the healer know vital stay condition and blood pressure or anything else that would make the breathwork dangerous for the person and being already mentally ill will experience another psychosis, even seizures as the last harmful, psychotic episode person described to me in the text that all went to the proper authorities and were posted online. A medical and a mental illness expert must agree to all this and that is not the level of the work I am doing. I have done it but although psychosis is believed to be treatable in other lands here I find people that are psychotic but have also absorbed every hint of loathing, have not just their bodies reacting and responding incorrectly but so much more. 

And for the safety of the severely mentally ill or the psychotic I have absolute right to decide not to heal. 

It would harm more than do good. 

Im other countries we go and there is a different care set up. Here the mental illness funding is pretty much at its lowest. But psychosis is a bit more severe than abuse or PTSD and so I do not charlatan anyone. If someone comes to you as a healer or even just a sensual provider send them to a doctor. You do not have a mental illness health care degree that is needed for that. Reality is tough enough to cope with and once the mind is the master reacting verses responding. A narcisistic manipulator etc. 

So if you already have seen millions of mental health care professionals I have absolute right to refuse to see you. 

If you are disrespectful

If you sound psychotic which is not hard to spot

If you have a blank loom in your state

If you speak about being a victim

Show no self esteem and go around in text and email about the storm you are in at all times of the night and then email harmful intention things 

I save all emails

These last ones I posted online. 

And I report them to my military and proper local authorities so if anything happens to me all the communications are saved. 

The last person went by the name Jonnny in every different email his tone was the same the desperate plea was not the reason it was the wording and vibe all were severe mental illness break (all the communications he sent are in proper hands)  if anyone receives mails or any communication this is a psychosis affected person and if you live with anyone and you believe they are harmful even if you are family it can be dangerous without absolute proper care

It can be spiritual and alternative but  accompanied by diagnostics and professional medical treatment as well. 

This is a very important Ted's and talk about mental illness. 

I can work with you on many things but I do not work in ways to endanger the mental person or myself. 

The most important revelation 83,000 brain scans Daniel Amen


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